May 2016
We haul all kind of commodities through the North American region



In January-February of 2016, total trade in the NAFTA Region recorded a value of US$153.4 billion, representing a decrease of 5.8% compared to the previous year's same period.



Within the North American block, Mexico's trade, along with its partner countries, went from 31.2% of the region's total in January-February of 1993 to 50.5% in the same period of 2016, reflecting the importance of Mexico as a trading partner of Canada and the United States ...



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The Italian tire manufacturer, Pirelli announced that a new investment in Mexico for the installation of a new plant, for which it allocated an investment of 200 million USD in the factory to be installed in Silao, Guanajuato has provided adjacent to that already available in the country.



Pirelli that is installed in Guanajuato Puerto Interior has directed an investment of 360 million USD in its plant already in operation, plus they have committed 50 million USD, additional resources for the period 2016-2017, and which will join the $ 200 million USD described above which should be destined by the end of 2018... 


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Phase II of the Environmental Contingency will be activated if ozone levels exceed 200 index points Imeca, it's announced by Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis on March 15 last



According to the rule, this implies that all cars stop circulating, depending on whether the last digit of your plate is even or odd... 


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Manuel Fernández Pérez, CEO of SSA Mexico, explained that for the first time the country will have facilities like this, because so far the vehicles of different assemblers are treated as general cargo.


The plan is to reduce the time of stay of units in ports at least 2 days, currently estimated at nine or ten days...



Companies Immex want border crossings  in30 minutes.


Companies Immex, will install GPS devices that will help them measure everything related to the border crossing of their goods, said Federico Serrano Bañuelos CEO (Immex)... 


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How a Mexican battle cry became an American holiday?

 I'm speaking, of course, of Cinco de Mayo, which is Spanish for May 5. Although the day is supposed to celebrate Mexican heritage, it has become Americanized - that is, hijacked into another excuse to party, eat, and drink, all while getting sweet discounts at some restaurants. (It is so Americanized, in fact, that it's actually celebrated more in the US than in Mexico)


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Pyramid of the Sun, the 7 largest pyramid in the world


The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest building in Teotihuacán and one of the largest Pyramids in Mesoamerica. The name comes from the Aztecs, who visited the city of Teotihuacán centuries after it was abandoned. The pyramid was constructed in two phases. The first construction stage, around 100 AD brought the pyramid to nearly the size it is today. The second round of construction resulted in its completed size of 225 meters (733 feet) across and 75 meters (246 feet) high.



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