April 2016
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Mexico City has found a way to tackle with the escalating problem of smog and air pollution: a stricter car ban from April 5 to June 30. However, past studies and policies have shown that it might not work.



In the city of 20 million, considered one of the worst polluted in the world by the United Nations, the previous measure is to ban vehicles on the road on certain days of the week, unless they present an exempt sticker, which shows the car has undergone testing for smog and obtained a low emission score...



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GUELPH, Ontario, April 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Canadian Solar Inc. (the "Company", or "Canadian Solar") (NASDAQ: CSIQ), one of the world's largest solar power companies, today announced that it has won a 63 MWp solar power project in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Canadian Solar will develop and build the solar power plant.



Once connected to the grid, the electricity generated will be sold to CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad), under a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement for energy and capacity and 20-year for Clean Energy Certificates at approximately US$47.95/MWh. The project is expected to be connected to the grid in September2018... 


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Did you get to the grocery store and not find some of your usual products? Did you buy something and come until next week? This may be because the program "Hoy No Circula" that is implemented in Mexico City



So they say hauliers and businesses who blame the measure to reduce pollution to disrupt the logistics of its deliveries and orders, as well as causing huge monetary losses, which subsequently brings great damages to the industry and the general population... 


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From July 1 all freight transport circulating through metropolitan zone will verify their units in the centers of the capital. Tanya Müller, "secretaria de Medio Ambiente de la Ciudad de México" (Sedema).


The functionary trusted zero tolerance to irregularities in these centers, which is raising their levels of fulfillment...



A new SOLAS convention takes effect on July 1, 2016, which will require shippers whose names appear on the bill of lading to verify the gross mass of all containers before they are shipped at the terminal.


However, in some countries, including Mexico, the guidelines to meet the requirement have not yet been made public and are against the clock, which could lead to delays in the supply chain to stay in port export cargo that do not comply with TEU's weighing... 


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Mexico City the most congested in the world: TomTom

 The TomTom firm released its study TomTom Traffic Index 2016, where road congestion facing cities around the world, where Mexico City (CDMX) tops this list outperforming other as Bangkok (Thailand), Istanbul is evaluated (Turkey), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Moscow (Russia)


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At Coba there is a pyramid taller than the one at Chichen Itza?


During your next beach vacation in the Riviera Maya be sure to visit lots of attractions in Playa del Carmen, enjoy fun adventure tours and explore incredible Mayan archeological sites. In the heart of the Riviera Maya you'll also find a Mayan pyramid, even higher than the iconic "El Castillo" (The Castle) at Chichen Itza.



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