January 2016

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Throughout more than 10 years we have helped countless businesses grow, meeting their requirements in Canada and the USA. At the same time our company has been growing along with all these customers. We thank you for the support and the trust you have placed upon us.

I would like to extend my best wishes for this year that just started, along with a hope for great success, health and harmony, and to exceed our own expectations.

Happy new year 2016!
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Bombardier wins order to supply light rail vehicles in Guadalajara

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation announced today that it has won an order from the Electric Urban Train System of Guadalajara..

(SITEUR) to supply 12 Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) of the TEG-15 model, consisting of two cars each, that will run in Line one of SITEUR in Guadalajara. The contract is valued at $752 Mexican pesos (approximately $44 million US, 40 million euros)...

On January the diesel was reduced 43 cents per liter compared to 2015, to settle at price of 13.77.

In the case of Mexico there is a formula in which each month the price may increase or decrease 3%, said Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)...

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) released statistics on rail traffic in the United States for the week ending December 26, which the Mexican railway reported 12,960 wagons which represented 12% of the registered the same week in 2014

On intermodal topic, the Mexican railroads reported 8,042 units, 12.3% less than the AAE recorded in the same week last year...

Nevada recorded in the town of "El Hongo", the Mexicali-Tijuana highway was closed at the height of the "La Rumorosa" to Tecate. Likiewise was closed over the road Imuris-Cananea, Sonora.


It was announced that is recorder snowfall in Nogales, Imuris, Caborca, Altar Magdalena and Santa Ana while sleet Cananea is present as a result of the fifth winter storm...

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Mexican airlines imposed a new record in 2015 in terms of volume of passengers in regular service both locally and internationally reported airlines companies

From January to November, the national companies served 42.6 million passengers, while in 2014 the cumulative to December was 41.6 million users...


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Statistical information of international trade in Mexico

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Me and Carlos and Mexico


Just when I thought the world economy was looking up, the boy genius managing our conservative stock portfolio for continuing retirement happiness in Mexico sent a sad e-mail. He said "we" had lost 2 percent in an unexpected series of divots, dives and mini-disasters ... 

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December 28 or April Fools? Mexico celebrates the Holy Innocents

In Mexico and all over the Catholic world, December 28 commemorates the Santos Inocentes or Holy Innocents, considered the first Christian martyrs. Upon hearing of the birth of Jesus, King Herod ordered the death of every child in Bethlehem under the age of two in an effort to wipe out all competition to his throne... 

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