July 2015

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Freight Transportation doubles on Mexico-EU trade

In 2014, the cargo movement in the country was 931 million tonnes. In the last 10 years the flow of trade between Mexico and the United States through this transport doubled, said Undersecretary of Foreign Trade Francisco Rosenzweig..

Through his Twitter account, the official said that this Expo 2015 Load helps to boost connectivity between entrepreneurs, market and Mexican consumers...

Japanese automaker Nissan will be anchored in Sinaloa port to bring import cars from next September, said the Director of the Port Authority (API) Mazatlán, Alfonso Gil Díaz.


With this news could end five years of drought for this port, that since 2010 it hasn't had market share of finished cars...

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Mexican importers believe the requirements of this element in customs clearance cause various negative situations.

One is the possible rejection of its foreign suppliers to disclose such confidential information to which they are not required to disclose, so this could delay the entry of goods into the country...



The Mexican Institute of Transport (IMT) of the SCT and CAF Development Bank of Latin America signed a collaboration agreement to reduce logistics costs in transport systems in the region



The CEO of IMT, Jose San Martin Romero, emphasized the importance of this collaboration. The logistics costs in Latin American countries between 16 and 26 percent of GDP relative to those of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which are nine percentage points...

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Jul 2015. About 70 percent of ornate plantings has Jalisco field are exported to different countries, thus obtaining the national leadership in the sale abroad of this product, reported "Seder" (Secretaria de desarrollo rural)

The total exports 42 percent goes to United States and Canada, 20 percent to Europe, 6 percent in Japan, the rest is distributed between Australia and Singapore...


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Did you know?...

Tequila dates from the sixteenth century


In 1897, Carl Lumholtz, the famous Norwegian ethnologist, who spent several years living with remote Indian tribes in Mexico, found that the Huichol Indians in eastern Nayarti distilled agave juice using simple pot stills, the pots being quite unlike any other Spanish or pre-Columbian vessels.


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Did you know Real huitlacoche, in all its spooky beauty?

Fresh huitlacoche is a rare find in the United States, by the way. According to the cookbook Tacos, which I just stumbled on in Google Books (otherwise, I would not normally read a taco cookbook, because tacos are not dishes in themselves, they are a way to eat something) the U.S. government requires a special permit to grow huitlacoche, since it's a fungus and the spores are disseminated through the air. Heaven forbid too much American corn becomes contaminated - how would we fulfill our corn syrup needs?... 

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