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TIP Mexico doubles investment in equipment between 2013 and 2015


In the period between 2013 and 2015, TIP Mexico increased infrastructure investments in 109%, from 62 million dollars to 130 million who have referred to this 2015, Juan Pablo Loperena, Director General company T21..

According to the director, these investments have focused on increasing the fleet of motor vehicles is one of the new business units TIP, with which they seek to serve small and medium enterprises (SMEs)...

The homologation in regulating mechanical conditions in the trucking, compared to those who are already in use in the United States and Canada, is the main novelty of the Official Standard.


The homologation in regulating mechanical conditions in the trucking, compared to those who are already in use in the United States and Canada, is the main novelty of the Official Standard...

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International cargo volume registered in International Airport of Queretaro went from 2,448.8 tonnes between January and March 2,014 to 2,533.1 tonnes in the same period this year.


In the first place the International Airport of Mexico City started off with a volume of international cargo 84707.4 tons. In the second position the Guadalajara airport was placed, with 25,244.8 tons, and the Monterrey airport took third place, with a volume of international cargo of 7,247.2 tonnes in the reference period...




From 2014-2015, foreign sales of the company, would increase from US 38,000 million to US 41,000 million, up 8%, estimated the Northeast Comce


Comce (Consejo Mexican Foreign Trade) estimated that during 2015 Nuevo Leon state exports could reach $ 41.000 billion. One of the weakest years for Nuevo Leon in exports was 2009, as derived from the economic crisis globally sales abroad reached $ 17.327 billion...

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To strengthen its presence in Mexico, the shipping company China Shipping Group opens new corporate offices in Mexico City for its subsidiary China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL)

This, in order to more efficiently meet the growing cargo traffic from the Far East, facing the potential of the Mexican economy, the Asian company explained in a statement...


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Retiring in Mexico: How's Manzanillo?


A quick study on the Internet suggests Manzanillo's housing is more affordable than Puerto Vallarta. Lower prices in Manzanillo reflect its less glamorous appeal and lower level of development. In fact, Manzanillo is not pretty. I could have said it is homely. Or put it more bluntly, like a Mexican friend in Guadalajara told us when he learned about our visit: "It is in a very bad earthquake zone and is ugly, but you may like it. It has potential; it's bound to grow."...


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Chapala's Feria Maestros del Arte: guardians of the folk art tradition

In today's world, where massive factories churn out goods at breakneck speed, it is hard for many people to imagine that there are still devoted artisans tucked away in remote villages of Mexico who dedicate days, weeks and even months to creating one exquisitely crafted piece. These artisans, toiling away in their secluded studios, are more than just producers of decorative objects... 

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