January 2015

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I would like to extend my best wishes for this year that just started, along with a hope for great success, health and harmony, and to exceed our own expectations.


For us, this is a very special year because Mexicom Logistics was born 10 years ago in Montreal QC. Throughout this time we have helped countless businesses grow, meeting their requirements in Canada and the USA. At the same time our company has been growing along with all these customers. We thank you for the support and the trust you have placed upon us.


With the recent announcement by the US DOT to finally open the border to Mexican Carriers, old debate that started 20 years ago will reopen. It is unclear whether it exist a genuine interest of carriers in both sides of the border to send their units and drivers to their neighboring country, modifying a formula that has worked for many years to exchange equipment or transshipment of goods at the border. No doubt there will be companies that want to take the opportunity, but the bulk of the competitors will not see any interest and will continue with the status quo in the future.


Time will tell if this was just an issue of negotiation from the Mexican government to pressure the US for tariff rates changes, or if it really is going to affect change in the way of moving goods between Mexico and the United States.





happy new year 2015!



Leon Jorge Medina

President and CEO

Mexicom Logistics

US Opening Border to Mexican Truckers

The United States border is being opened to Mexican carriers, the Department of Transportation announced Jan. 9.

DOT will publish a notice in the Federal Register, probably Jan. 15, saying Mexican carriers are allowed to apply for operating authority here, ending more than 20 years of dispute over the Mexican truck issue...

The latest information is that initial feasibility studies for two new plants in China and one in Mexico have already been completed, and "the teams are ready to execute." Guanajuato is a location under consideration for the Mexico factory.


Toyota has one plant in Mexico now, building Tahoma trucks in Tijuana, but it is not a full assembly plant. It is the only big automaker without such a plant in Mexico

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Up to 30% the import process will speed up product nationally, with investment of 600 million pesos that  the Tax Administration Service (SAT) will execute infrastructure for Garita de Otay, estimated the director of TLC Associates, Octavio De la Torre.

He noted that after four years, it was possible that the federal government undertake this investment will benefit logistics and timing, area imports will be increased from 8.3 to 14.4 hectares, it will increase to 30 the number of positions to reviews of merchandise and 35 loading positions...




The statement issued by the DOT anticipates that specific requirements for Mexican carriers will be defined, which goes against what was defined in the NAFTA, the opening should be on fair, "said Muñoz López


Both Canacar as the National Confederation of Mexican Carriers (CONATRAM) undertook legal action against the government of the United States for damages to three thousand 922 companies representing 300,000 vehicles, who sued the company for three thousand 800 million dollars (mdd) for losses to the trucking sector...

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Elements such as junking or importing used units were the factors that hinder the sale of new units

2014 sales in retail heavy units (made directly to the public) were at 35,000 units 237, that was 9.8% below 74 39 000 were achieved in 2013 ...


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US Opening Border to Mexican Truckers
Toyota plant is on front burner again...
Will expedite import 30% for investment in Otay...
An unfavorable opening is expected to EU: Canacar..
Come down 9.8% Sales of heavy vehicles in 2014: ANPACT..
Did you know?...
Lots of "real" Aztec gold was only tumbaga...
Mayan architects built world's oldest sound recordings...

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Statistical information of international trade in Mexico

Did you know?...

Lots of "real" Aztec gold was only tumbaga


What the Spanish Conquistadors thought was gold was often only an alloy called tumbagaAs they explored the New World, the early conquistadors were spurred on by the possibility of finding treasure and riches. Captive Indians told convincing stories of cities far to the north even more fabulous than the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. The Spaniards' greed was sufficient to fuel determined drives into ever more remote territory in the hopes of striking it rich...


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Mayan architects built world's oldest sound recordings

Modern sound recordings usually involve tiny disks which can hold dozens of tracks, specially designed to be easily portable and convenient. The Maya may have had different priorities. David Lubman has proposed that the earliest sound recording so far discovered on the planet may well be the main pyramid at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan... 

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