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Domestic Transportation in Mexico pushes air cargo

In September, the air cargo transported in Mexico increased 2.1% compared to the same month last year, driven due to rising 20.1% in the movement of goods by domestic airlines and within the territory, as reported by the report "Operational Summary by Airline "of the Director at General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). 

Global data is lower than the accrued to date of 5.1% over the same period in 2013 moving 445 000 528 tonnes, which is about the rise of 5.17% it forecast the Secretariat (ministry) of Economy (SE) for this growth year...

Vehicle production in Mexico rose 15.8% in October compared to the same period in 2013, adding 330,164 units unveiled the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA). AMIA President Eduardo Solis, explained at a press conference that the country's automotive exports rose 7.1% to 257,372 units.


According to the representative of the industry, 71.2% of its export figure was destined for the United States, while Canada was allocated 10.2% and Brazil 4 percent...

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The port of Lazaro Cardenas was born with demand in cabotage of steel, iron and phosphate rock, but it's just of a stretch to go and no load to haul back. There is enough load to carry to Yucatan Peninsula, but not to bring back.

Leoncio Perez, director of Grupo CICE, also considered that there is no reciprocity in cargo handling, it doesn't exist a company offering cabotage competitive against other modes of transport, to push this demand...




Caterpillar announced the start of production of its new Class 8 vocational truck, the CT681 model at Navistar plant in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. 


Unspecified few models will be produced daily, the expert firm in engines and heavy equipment Caterpillar noted that production in the Mexican plant is part of the agreement signed by both companies in the United States, which included the relocation of production Navistar plant Garland, Texas, to Mexico, announced a few years ago...

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Volvo Trucks Utility and Mexico announced a strategic alliance to commercialize used semi trucks with alternative financing through Volvo Financial Services and additional banking options. 

Gabriel Garcia, CEO of Utility Trailers of Mexico said at the launch of this alliance: "With equipment of tractors pre-owned and integrated finance team, we give a complete solution to our customers"...
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Domestic Transportation in Mexico pushes air cargo...
15.8% growth in October vehicle production in Mexico...
Cabotage stuck for lack of demand in Mexico...
Caterpillar Truck Starts Production in Mexico..
Volvo Trucks and Utility formalize alliance to pre-owned...
Did you know?...
Local Cafe gives Satrbucks competition in Coyoacan, Mexico City...
The Pyramid of the Sun..

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Statistical information of international trade in Mexico

Did you know?...

Local Cafe gives Satrbucks competition in Coyoacan, Mexico City


When in Coyoacan you have to get a cup of coffee in this place. The line wasnt very long when we got here but I heard that the line can get very long sometimes.My sister and Our friend got a coffee, I got a hot chocolate. We also got some pasteries. This place has been here since 1953 and its a...


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Who Built the Great City of Teotihuacan?

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest structure in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Mexico, and one of the largest buildings of its kind on the Western Hemisphere... 

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