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Companies "frustrated" by difficulties intermodal

Although moving about 800 thousand containers per year and the market is growing at double digits, companies from different sectors reported obstacles to using intermodal as current regulations, the adequacy of the rates or the need to open routes within the country. 

"We're a frustrated industry, a customer who has looked for ways to use the intermodal, but if it is not the authority, the type of product restricted us, time or infrastructure," said Ana Paulina Torres, the Import and Export Management of Mexico Mead Johnson company...

car production

The production and export of vehicles during September increased 10.7 and 2.0% respectively manner, while domestic sales exceeded double-digit growth for the third consecutive month with an increase of 13.7%, which was adjusted upward forecast sales.


In September was reported the production of 267 674 units; the export of 220 239 vehicles and selling 89 116 vehicles in the reference month...

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Once the changes take effect to NOM-012, the challenge will be to meet every truck weights and dimensions listed in the document, "prices may rise because the Differentiated trucks are removed and will have to make more trips.

Theissen said the important thing now is to be sure that they comply with the weights and dimensions of the rule 012...




Only 45% of the transport sector in the south has daily work, the rest comes to engage in sporadic days, Jesús López Sandoval said president of the National Confederation of Mexican Cargo Carrier (CONATRAM). 


He said that the little work that has barely enough to cover their daily needs, do not get resources for extra expenses and maintenance of the units, parts and cover the high cost of diesel and gasoline...

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In August 2014, the industry produced for the second time this year more than 15,000 units, not seen before, which makes the sector to position itself as a major producer of trucks, placed in the top ten worldwide. 

"We're having a good year in terms of production of heavy vehicles. To keep up, 2014 would be significantly better than 2013, largely by installed capacity and competitiveness that have achieved production companies that have made our country a natural platform for exports, "said Miguel Elizalde...
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Companies "frustrated" by difficulties intermodal...
Growing production and export of vehicles in September...
Regulations to trucks, increasing the price of products...
Unemployed, 55% of the transport sector: CONATRAM...
Production of trucks to the upside, closes August with 21.1% increase...
Did you know?...
Mexico's Frida Kahlo in Oaxaca Handicrafts...
Carnival on Cozumel...

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Statistical information of international trade in Mexico

Did you know?...

Mexico's Frida Kahlo in Oaxaca Handicrafts


The Mexican state of Oaxaca is renowned for its handicrafts. From black pottery and handloomed Zapotec rugs to silverwork and alebrijes, the collector will find a wealth of beautiful handcrafted work. For some time, the Aguilar sisters of Ocotlan have created colorful terracotta sculptures, including figurines of women in traditional Oaxaca costume... Continue reading from the source


Carnival on Cozumel

We could hear the faint sound of drums from our condo. As we walked in the tropical twilight toward the parade the music became louder. We heard a mixture of calypso, reggae, flamingo and pop, each distinct but blending into a cultural mix like the people of Cozumel... 

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