February 2014
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The FTA between the U.S. and Europe, a risk to Mexico


These days it was reported that during the week of March 10 will be held the fourth round of negotiations between the United States and the European Union (EU) in Brussels on the Free Trade Agreement that both parties negotiate. Mexico must remain attentive to these negotiations to react, because this agreement will have its impact on many economies, but especially in Mexican economy when it starts.


Therefore, it is of interest to follow these negotiations because the materialization will have profound consequences not only for the two actors directly involved, but also in trading and the global economy.





According to experts, Mexico is the most affected country on its economy due to the strong dependence on trade with the northern neighbor. also, today, for example a European car almost have to be rebuilted in a country with trade agreement with the U.S. to enter it without tariffs, but in two years the agreement with the EU will be signed, the duty shall be exempted, so it will no longer be a comparative advantage in manufactured products, adding value in a third country, except for the cost of labor.






Gasoline imports will double: SENER




Towards 2027, Mexico will double the volume of gasoline that currently buy from the international markets, this is derived from a constant growth in domestic demand, which may not be covered with the productive incorporation of the new refinery Bicentenario that is going to be built in Tula, Hidalgo, even with the modernization work on existing complex.


According to the Petroleum and Petroleum Prospects of the Energy Ministry (SENER) during 2014 317,600 barrels a day will been imported, however, in 13 years, this figure will be increased by 125.9%.




In fact, 717,300 barrels of gasoline per day are to be bougth, that is to say 400,000 barrels more than ever recorded, which means an annual average increase of 4.1%.


As relates to the production of gasoline, it will grow to 74.3% between 2012 and 2027, equivalent to an additional volume of 309,500 barrels per day, reaching a total of 725,900 barrels a day by the complex Pemex refiners, to 2027.


However, with regard to the relationship between the share of imports of gasoline and demand, it is important to distinguish that there is a shortfall in domestic production due to lack of refining capacity, which favors a weighted growth imports.



Source: Transporte.mx



From 2015, gasoline prices will be adjusted in Mexico


From 2015, the prices of gas and diesel, will be adjusted based on expected inflation, Miguel Messmacher, from the Mexican ministry of finance (SHCP) said that the measure, that is part of the tax reform, will permit a reduction on time to subsidizing these fuels.


In an interview with Notimex, Messmacher said, that "by 2014, in the case of the price of Magna gasoline a monthly incrementation was approved on a slip of only 9 cents, lower to 11 cents that were applied during 2013 amount. For Premium gasoline and diesel this year the monthly adjustment of 11 cents will be maintained."


However, the federal official stated, that from 2015 on the idea is that fuel prices grow at a similar rate to the amount expected inflation.

"We are talking about increasing by more than three or four cents per month, obviously it depends a bit on what the expected inflation is going to be, but you're talking about a significant decline ," he said.




In this section you will find information of the indicators which summarize Mexico's foreign trade operations by main countries, Agreements and Treaties, and by tariff codes. 



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2013, Difficult year for cargo carriers: STIAT


For cargo transport companies and truckers, this year was so complicated that even several of them gave up this activity to engage in another one.  


So, this was acknowledged by Angel Hernandez Cruz, leader of the Union of workers for transportation industry (STIAT) who said that one of the strategies to resist the situation was recently form a coalition of unions, that he heads, with this measure there is more order and is possible avoid unfair competition.




"With this, we want to avoid fall into cannibalism by the desperation of wanting to win a freight partner, that ultimately affected us all" He said. Also, he calculates that the work in Mexican transportation industry was reduced in 30%.





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