January 2014
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New rules for the transportation of dangerous goods 



The regulations for the transporting of dangerous goods in Mexico, which were established last February, strengthen security measures in transportation. And above all, "it clearly states what a shipper is for, and the responsibility among this, the carrier and the consignee." said Tomas Martinez, Director for the Regulation of the National Automobile Chamber of Cargo (Canacar) he also explained that "this is one of the major advances."




During the 6th Transportation Seminar organized by the chemical logistics provider Leschaco, Martinez explained that "it will help those who hire transportation comply with the delivery of the motions of shipment, which until now was worth to work apart from the sector."


Actually, the sales manager of Autotransportes Parada, Felipe Jimenez said, that "they have requested customers shipping documents, and some of them even knew well what they were. The problem was for the carrier who had to face the fine, if the federal police checked them during the journey."






U.S. Supreme Court refuses to halt cross-border program


The Supreme Court of the US refused to consider a petition that tried to stop the cross-border pilot program that allows mexican trucks to cross the U.S. territory. The judges of the highest court decided, at their meeting, this week not to review the appeal filed by the Association of Independent Owner Operators and Drivers (OOIDA), against the program.


The OOIDA asked the Supreme Court, last July, to cancel the decision of a Federal Court of Appeals that confirms the legality of the program as part of the U.S. obligations under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The program, established on a pilot basis for three years in 2011 and will be evaluated beginning next October, aims to demonstrate that Mexican carriers operate safely within the United States.






Incorporating industrial parks attract investments.


The possible incorporation of industrial parks to the New Scheme Certified Companies (NEEC), which is still under study, would attract more investments in the country to put Mexico on the map of global supply chains, said in an interview the director of the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP), Claudia Avila Connelly.


"It would be a kind of additional value added remembering that in Mexico industrial parks, unlike other countries, do not offer tax advantages," she explained. The directive gave the example that in countries like China or Vietnam Industrial Parks are a special economic zone with free tariff advantages. The incorporation in the NEEC scheme, could bring tax benefits to companies that are installed in the area she added





In this section you will find information of the indicators which summarize Mexico's foreign trade operations by main countries, Agreements and Treaties, and by tariff codes. 



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New rules for the transportation of dangerous goods
U.S. Supreme Court refuses to halt cross-border program
Industrial parks attract investments
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U.S., Mexico and Canada dismiss reopen NAFTA
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U.S., Mexico and Canada dismiss reopen NAFTA 


U.S., Canada and Mexico today ruled out the possibility of reopening the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but pledged to find ways to improve the flow of goods and people. 




So, the foreign ministers of the United States, John Kerry, of Mexico, Jose Antonio Meade, and of Canada, John Baird, indicated in the framework of a trilateral meeting in Washington. The officials agreed that NAFTA has been a success to boost trade and investment in the region. Friday's meeting is in preparation for the Leaders Summit to be held in Toluca, Mexico, on 19th February.


                  Source:El Financiero 



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