October 2013
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Six priority new logistics platforms

Laguna, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Jalisco and Guanajuato are proposed sites for the development of logistics platforms in the present Mexican administration with the coordination of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT). Pablo Suarez Coello, Director of Railways and Multimodal, explained that these proposals were obtained from the National System Study Logistics Platform, which was developed with funds from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). "We are making a choice where the platforms meet requirements of connecting different modes of transport such as rail, sea or air, or a combination of some of them" he said.




These six points are part of a study that will be concluded with the final results in the next 60 days. according to Suarez, "Platforms, are a physical space with export vocation infrastructure, such as an airport or nearby ports and access to rail, so the choices are places with low logistic operating cost. The possible locations for logistics platform are, San Luis Potosi to be a logistics cluster for distribution and have a dry port, that is a feature it shares with Hidalgo, who also noted for its potential for regional distribution. Jalisco is also included for being a food and logistic cluster. Guanajuato is projected as an automotive and auto parts cluster, while Laguna region is considered to be a food and logistic cluster, and Monterrey, being key to the distribution for the north."




Canacar proposes a one Mexican peso diesel increase, and opposes to tax reform


The National Chamber Trucking in Mexico (Canacar) warned that if the tax reform is approved in the terms proposed by the Federal Government, there is a risk of increase mortality of small businesses, said Roberto Diaz Ruiz, president of the chamber. Also, they proposed charging one Mexican peso to the price of the liter of diesel, instead of more taxes, and this measure will be more fair because also represents a cost to the informal sector that not pay taxes.


After a meeting with the Ministry of Communications and Transport, Diaz Ruiz said that "the additional peso increase, may boost diesel modernization program because it would create trust in the renewal of trucks." With the tax reform, it would be even less benefits for formal carriers benefiting informal ones, because they could not deduct expenses that necessarily take place in the road, causing a real increase of more than four points in the rate of tax.




       Source: T21 



Mexican border bridges in crisis



They were born as proud signs of progress for some Mexican states bordering the US. Each binational bridge meant built development for decades. It was kind of a "boom" that at least the first years detonated regional economies. But today, the international bridges between Mexico and the northern neighbor, in several cases go into a tailspin. Worse, in the US are quantified losses of 116 million dollars per minute! In the five major crossings with Mexico, the inefficiency and technological backwardness is the profile of the majority. Except Nuevo Laredo, the rest are in freefall. The cause, say traders, industrialists and customs agencies, is the lack of planning. Were built by "status", but without looking at reality. 




Also, there is a difficult situation for the Nuevo Laredo-Laredo bridge, considered the main point of imports and exports in Latin America. The alert comes from the installation of Mexican customs at the airport in Laredo, that could open the door to similar offices in other locations, but away from the border. While that Mexican customs in the airport was built to increase the local economy, customs agents fear this project, because it open the opportunity for other cities of win big in freight movement by moving the border into the US, eliminating the advantage of geographical location. "In concept I think is a good project and for being the first office outside of Mexico may help to improve customs movement in Laredo. My fear is, for the future, if other cities like Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York or Atlanta, also want to install a similar custom." said Victor Gonzalez, president of the Laredo customs agents.



Source: transporte.mx       



In this section you will find information of the indicators which summarize Mexico's foreign trade operations by main countries, Agreements and Treaties, and by tariff codes. 



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Six new logistic platforms in Mexico
Canacar proposes a diesel increase
Mexican border bridges in crisis
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Setravi wants to restrict freight schedules in Mexico City


The Ministry of Transport and Roads in Mexico City (Setravi) will present before concluding this year its mobility strategy, which includes the regulation of cargo transport. It Director, Rufino Leon Tovar, said "freight schedules will be redesigned, as well as brokers and logistics platforms." 




During the opening of the Distribution Convention organized by the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP), the official stated that the aim is to "modernize the urban logistics system through corridors that encourage heavy traffic regulation. This would take effect next year after negotiate the strategy and be agreed with transport companies. The distributors legitimate claim is the issue of security that should be more in these corridors, and the city government is willing to provide it." the official added.


                     Source: T21




After delays, was inaugurated the last section of the Mazatlan-Durango highway

Cosomate, Durango.- Twelve years after starting works of the Mazatlan-Durango highway, finally was opened the final stretch to complete the layout of 230 kilometers. This road will reduce travel time from the current ten hours to four, for freight. With the completion of the work, concludes the northern economic corridor, which connects the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico, from Mazatlan to Matamoros. This is intended to detonate the trade route between Asia and the eastern border with the southern United States.


Meanwhile, governors of Durango, Jorge Herrera, and Sinaloa, Mario Lopez, said that "the opening of this highway is a priority to increase the development of this corridor and boost trade. Sinaloa can become a major logistics hub while connecting the port of Mazatlan with Durango rail yard and from there, continue until Tamaulipas and Nuevo Laredo border, covering states like Coahuila and Nuevo Leon." 





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