Our staff, Bob Baker (Sahplek) and members of the Ensemble, photo by our General Manager Diane Blunt


Last Thursday the Full Circle gang went on a staff paddling trip starting from Mosquito creek and going up to Stanley Park. Elder Bob Baker (Sahplek) led the way while educating us on the history of the land near the water we were paddling. Fun! Many thanks to Bob for being our guide and Full Circle Artistic Managing Director Margo Kane for arranging our outing. 




Margo Kane and Full Circle Marketing and Development Manager Justin Neal contributed to issue 4 cover story of The Source's article Telling their stories: Cultural diversity in Vancouver theatre by Alison Chiang.


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Full Circle: First Nations Performance contributes in a number of ways to the community...we train artists from various disciplines in all aspects of the performing arts, we create opportunities for Aboriginal artists, we engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds with performances by Aboriginal artists, we educate our audiences, and we are extremely integrated into our local community while also maintaining international significance. Like what we do? Help us to continue what we do by donating. It's easy! 


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Members of the Full Circle Ensemble last year, photo taken by David Cooper

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On Friday August 29th we said farewell to our lovely intern Nicole Leggeat. We'll miss her but hope to see her soon! We know she has many exciting plans ahead of her that include traveling and new opportunities. Good luck with everything, Nicole! You were a massive help in our outreach and administrative departments. 


Nicole Leggeat on her last day with Fratelli cake



-The Aboriginal Arts Development Awards Program, Program DEADLINE: Oct 31st, 2014. For more information click HERE


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Summer Session: May 16th - June 7th, 2015
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