Healthflex Benefits Election Time is Almost Here - November 2 -17th!
Learn about your options!  Dru Ann Kuntz, our Conference Pension & Benefits Officer will be hosting information sessions:
>Monday, October 3rd - 3:30 pm at Sacramento  
>Thursday, October 13th - 1:30 pm at Covenant UMC - ABQ 
>Wednesday, October 19th - 1:00 pm at St. Mark's UMC - El Paso.

A good place to start: 2017 HealthFlex Plans Comparison.   If you have any questions, please contact Dru Ann at 505-255-8786, ext. 102 or

The Methodist Heritage Dinner

Korean UMC, ABQ Choir
Korean UMC, ABQ Choir

Will Steinsiek & his NM Conference Archives Team

Volunteer-Savvy Leadership
Christmas at Santa Elena Mission 
     Many church leaders struggle with the ongoing responsibility of identifying, training, and supporting ministry volunteers. In my work as director of missions and outreach at Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia, I work with dozens of volunteer-led ministries to meet community needs. And I've learned that the mindset I bring and the vocabulary I use when asking people to serve really make a difference.
Needs or Opportunities?
     When it comes to volunteer recruitment, I'm not a big fan of the word "need." It's not that needs don't arise, because they do. However, "need" shouldn't necessarily be the first word we use in volunteer recruitment. When "need" is overused, it can trigger a number of challenges.
     "Need" implies scarcity. A scarcity mindset leads to statements like these: "We don't have enough volunteers." "We don't have enough money." "We have too few people singing in the choir." But a scarcity mindset doesn't align with the abundance of grace, love, and mercy that the God who created the heavens and the earth bestows upon us. If you consistently project scarcity in recruiting, it will spread in your congregation in other negative ways.
Aztec Does More with Less
Submitted by Pastor Jeff Symonds
     Like many other churches and even government agencies, Aztec UMC has had to do more with fewer people to help and less income.  This past year, San Juan county lost 6,000 jobs which led to over 11,000 people leaving the area.  That is on top of several years of losses to the downturn in the oil and gas related economy, the hits to coal mining and the beginnings of closures at our power generating plants. We have had more people than ever before coming to ask for food to feed their families. One man said he went from making $6,000 a month to $600, but the bills remain the same!   That story gets repeated in many forms around here.  Our church members, too, have lost income and several have had to move out of state to find work.
     Thanks to the generosity of Aztec people in the church and from around the community, along with an $800 grant from Albuquerque District Missions, Aztec UMC gives away an average of 5 sacks of groceries to each of the over a dozen families a day that come by the church. We believe that Jesus must still be doing something similar to His loaves and fishes miracles with the articles from our community Post Office Food Drive, because it seems to stretch much further than we could have thought possible. We do supplement that once-a-year bonanza with weekly trips to the ECHO Food Bank in Farmington. We are blessed that a young woman, who is a member of another church in town, goes almost every week and is able to fill her pick-up truck bed for $60 - $80 with meat, cheese, and produce, as well as canned and boxed foods. She also hauls in those heavy boxes and restocks the shelves and freezers for us. People in need find compassionate understanding and enough food for themselves and their pets at Aztec UMC. God is at work through His people here.

Get Ready for your Big Community Outreach Events with Facebook Ads
This article is helpful in reaching new residents & the community in general. 
How to reach newcomers to your area with Facebook ads 
by Jon Watson 
     Recent studies from the Pew Research Center show that 71 percent of online adults use Facebook. That means nearly everyone you know, and nearly everyone they know, is connected in one huge online community.
     The good news is you can get your church's name and message in front of all those people. The better news is that you can choose to whom your message goes! You can target your message to different people based on life circumstance, geographical area, likes, age and more. The amount of demographic targeting available to advertisers today is unprecedented. Churches should take advantage of that to help people hear the gospel. 
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United Methodist Men Fall Conference 
Sept. 23 - 25, 2016 
Sacramento C & C Center 


Melissa Thacker, Our New Administrative Assistant to the Three Districts
My name is Melissa Thacker.  I was born and raised in Albuquerque, but I have been a resident of Rio Rancho for the past 13 years. I am happily married with two grown children; a son and a daughter. Although my experience with the public comes mainly from being in the insurance industry for 23 years, I am confident that the knowledge I have attained and the relationships I have made with a vast array of individuals over the years, along with my faith, is what brought me to my position with NM Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. I am very excited, grateful, and proud to be a part of this family.

Melissa's email is  

Upcoming Events
Sept. 11-14 - SCJ Mission Academy - Mt. Sequoyah 
Sept. 12 - Movementum - Center St., Tucumcari 
Sept. 13 - Movementum - FUMC, Artesia 
Sept. 21 - MissionInsite Training - FUMC, Clovis 
Sept. 22 - MissionInsite Training - El Paso District Office
Sept. 23 - MissionInsite Training - St. Paul's, ABQ 
Sept. 23 - 24 - CLM Training Begins - FUMC, Roswell

Oct. 2-5 - Fall Clergy Retreat - Sacramento
Oct. 3 - Healthflex Presentation - Sacramento
Oct. 7-8 - Lay Servant School - Asbury UMC, Odessa
Oct. 13 - Healthflex Presentation - Covenant UMC, ABQ
Oct. 14-15 - UMW Fall Meeting - Grace UMC, Alamogordo
Oct. 19 - Healthflex Presentation - St. Mark's UMC, El Paso
Oct. 19-21 - Coaching - Basic Training - Grace UMC, ABQ

Nov. 4-5 - Lay Servant School - FUMC, Belen
Nov. 7-11 - Prep for Prof. Coaching Cert. Training - Sacramento 
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