Dog Head Fire Update & Plea for Help
Home Depot donates much needed supplies.

From Bonnie Hardesty, Pastor of Estancia UMC (505-271-0486 or 505-301-5063 (cell)
Estancia UMC is committed to feeding evacuated persons, Community Emergency Rescue Team (CERT) volunteers, and the animals at the Torrance County Fairgrounds until at least June 26.  We need:
>We need church groups to pick a day to buy the groceries and bring the cooks to provide meals at the Torrance County Fairgrounds for 25-50 hungry volunteers - either or both breakfast and dinner.  The cooking will be done at Estancia UMC.  Please call Bonnie Hardesty to coordinate your day.
>Finances are needed to keep a large herd of stock animals plus hundreds of small pets fed.  Donations may be collected at your church.  Please collect funds and send ONE check made payable to: NMAC - New Mexico Fires, to the Conference Treasurer, Cathy Anderson at the NM Conference Office, 11816 Lomas Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112.
>Volunteers who are willing to do a variety of simple tasks - cleaning showers, shopping for food in ABQ & transporting it to Estancia UMC, 'church-sitting' in Estancia to receive donations. 
>If your church would like to collect hygiene supplies, toiletries, sunscreen, chapstick, paper goods, wet naps, you an drop off items at the Mountainside UMC Welcome Center from 8 - 12:00, Monday through Thursday, 4 Penny Lane, Cedar Crest, NM 87008.
PLEASE NO WATER & NO CLOTHES. We have plenty. 
Please contact Rev. Bonnie Hardesty at 505-271-0486 or 505-301-5063 (cell) to help.

Rev. Vernon Baker has been involved in many disaster relief efforts and knows the channels to go through and the process required to bring efficient and effective care.  There are multiple entities working in concert to provide resources: Fire Fighters, National Guard, Red Cross, UMCOR, CERT, animal rescue organizations and local community organizations.  Estancia UMC & Mountainside UMC are the closest churches to the blaze.  Both Bonnie Hardesty & John Rech (pastors of the 2 churches) are involved in the coordination of efforts and active in helping their own congregations.  Dru Ann Kuntz was able to secure much needed donations of buckets, trash containers, etc from Home Depot. 

The fire has burned close to 18,000 acres and is only 9% contained at this point.  Around 300 people have been evacuated and families north of the burn site are prepared to evacuate.  The fire is not burning as wide an area, but it is still hot and the wind shift may cause the fire to rage northward.   Fire officials will hold another meeting tonight at 7 pm at the East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation District Building in Estancia.  Prayers for the displaced families, those fighting the blaze, and all the volunteers.

Conference Coordinator for Disaster Response - Rev. Vernon Baker
Cell: 505-918-9538
Albuquerque District Coordinator - Dru Ann Kuntz
Cell: 505-328-1104 

Cinco Estrella Award Recipients
Mission outreach in the world and in their community.
St. Paul's - Socorro

Valley View UMC - Espanola

Rio Rancho UMC

St. Paul's - Las Cruces

Maxwell UMC

Mountainair UMC

University UMC-Las Cruces

Cimarron UMC

Certified Lay Ministers
Rev. Pam Rowley, Conference Facilitator for Certified Lay Ministry, introduced this year's Certified Lay Minister candidates: Joe Harrison, Robert Ellis, Dacia Ball, Sarah Allen, Terry Allen, Thomas Anderson, Diana Goss, Stuart Davenport & Deborah Haddock. 

Rev. Pam Rowley
Terry Allen
Tom Anderson
Dacia Ball
Stuart Davenport
Diana Goss
Deborah Haddock
Joe Harrison

One Matters Award Recipients 
The One Matters Award is given to churches to encourage growth in baptisms and professions of faith.  This year the award recipients were Grace UMC-Alamogordo, Asbury UMC-Odessa and St. Stephen's UMC-ABQ. 
Cheri Lyon & Craig Miller 
Grace UMC - Alamogordo 
Asbury UMC - Odessa 
St. Stephen's UMC - ABQ 

Emily Sannebeck Scholarship Recipient - Delaney Robertson 
      The Emily Sannebeck Scholarship is a grant set up before Emily's passing that provides support for students working toward a rewarding career. Preference for selection goes to single women. This is the 18th year the scholarship was awarded, and Asbury United Methodist Church was pleased to have several excellent applicants for the award.
     The winner this year is Delaney Robertson, from Albuquerque and Asbury UMC, receiving the award of $2000.  Delaney will be a freshman at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, this coming year. She will be taking a business course that specializes in hospitality and tourism.   She obtained a grade point of 3.0 at Eldorado High School with a 3.5 her senior year. Her high school activities included volleyball, manager of the football team, student government, and head of the Community Service organization. She has been heavily involved in youth activities at Asbury UMC for all of her life.  Submitted by Paul Merritt.  

Heritage Tour 2016


Lay Servant Ministries Courses
Lay Servant School - Basic Course
July 15 - 16, 2016
Asbury UMC - Odessa
$35 per person
Register: Charles Cotten - 432-296-2975

Lay Servant School - Basic & Advance Courses
September 9th (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) and September 10th, 2016 (9:00 am to 4.00 pm)
St. Paul's UMC - El Paso, Texas.
$35 - basic; $45 - advanced
Contact: Frances Gonzalez 915-240-1783
Register by Aug. 15th 

The South Central Jurisdictional Conference will be held, July 13-16, 2016, in Wichita, Kansas. The theme is "Rejoice in the Harvest". In addition to the on-going business of the Jurisdictional Conference, the Conference will elect three new bishops for the Jurisdiction and the 2017-2020 Episcopal Area bishop assignments will be announced.

The Episcopal Candidates are:
  • Bob Farr - Missouri
  • Lynn Dyke - Missouri (Endorsed by the Women's Leadership Team.}
  • Jimmy Nunn - Northwest Texas
  • Eradio Valverde - Rio Texas (Endorsed by MARCHA)
  • Ruben Saenz, Jr. - Rio Texas
  • David Wilson - OIMC
  • Morris Matthis - Texas Conference
  • Janice Gilbert - Texas Conference (Endorsed by BMCR)


>July 13-16 
>July 15-18
>July 15-16  
 >Sept. 9-10
>Sept. 9-10 
>Oct 2-5
>Oct 19-21 

SCJ Conference
UMW - Mission U
Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course
Lay Servant Ministries School
Heritage Tour
Fall Clergy Retreat
Coaching - Basic Training

Wichita, KS
Asbury UMC-Odessa
St. Paul's UMC-El Paso

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