The Bishop's State of The Conference Address
State of The Conference 2016
State of The Conference 2016

Randall Partin, Provost &
Rebekah Simon-Peter, Developer of "Creating a Culture of Renewal"
Dialogue - "So What?"
So What?
Are Relevant, Passionate, Life-Changing
Churches enough?

Ordination 2016
Ordination 2016

Our Folks in Transition 
Rev. Steve McElroy retires

ABQ Lay Leader, Chris Caldes - ABQ District Ministry Ass't, Linda Lucas -
ABQ District Treasurer, Patsy Humble
We're getting a new pastor! What can I do? 
by Joe Iovino -
     One Sunday during worship, you notice a visitor who looks vaguely familiar. Suddenly the pastor invites her forward to address the congregation. Now you remember. She is your
 District Superintendent. Oh no! Why is she here?
     A numbness overcomes you as you hear the words. Your pastor is leaving. In several weeks, he will move to a new church. The DS then promises to return soon to introduce you to your new pastor.
     United Methodist churches repeat this scene whenever elders are appointed to new churches.
     Whether you dread losing your beloved pastor or welcome a change in leadership, it feels like everything in your church is about to change. While that is not completely true, your congregation will be going through a significant time of pastoral transition. 

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Annual Conference Act of Repentance
During the traditional Act of Repentance, Rev. Will Steinsiek, NM Conference Archivist presented the history of the horror & wrongs we, Methodists have inflicted on the Native people of NM.
     "To the north, John Dyer, our first true Methodist Circuit rider in New Mexico, was present when John Chivington, the presiding elder, said of Native Americans, "I am fully satisfied, gentlemen, that to kill them is the only way we will ever have peace and quiet." They all agreed. Chivington later led a regiment of Colorado Volunteers to the Sand Creek reservation where they slaughtered 200 Cheyenne including women and children.
     As Dyer began to travel into New Mexico, he noted of the Apache, "If sighted by them it was necessary to outrun them, kill them, or get scalped." Later he declared, "It is impossible to have a sinner converted unless he is first convicted; and it is just as impossible to tame and educate an Indian until he is subdued. My prayer is that all wars may cease, and that the red men of the forest may be civilized and Christianized."
     Of the Navajo he encountered at Fort Defiance, he added, "We can but desire the Navajo tribe to become enlightened and as perfect in religion as their squaws were in weaving blankets."
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Following the ceremony, Rev. Jon Moore stepped to the microphone to express his concern that more needed to be done.  Several other pastors surrounded him. Bishop Bledsoe challenged him to make a motion.  He moved that our congregations take up a collection so that leaders from the Four Corners Ministry can attend Annual Conference next year.  The motion passed.  The NM Conference Office and the appropriate Boards are now working out the details as is necessary whenever church funds are involved. It was one of the more moving moments of the Annual Conference. 
Rev. Jon Moore making a motion to support leaders from the
Four Corners Ministry to attend Annual Conference next year. 

Lay Servant Ministries Courses
Lay Servant School - Basic Course
July 15 - 16, 2016
Asbury UMC - Odessa
$35 per person
Register: Charles Cotten - 432-296-2975

Lay Servant School - Basic & Advance Courses
September 9th (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) and September 10th, 2016 (9:00 am to 4.00 pm)
St. Paul's UMC - El Paso, Texas.
$35 - basic; $45 - advanced
Contact: Frances Gonzalez 915-240-1783
Register by Aug. 15th 

Church Communication Early Bird Workshop PowerPoint
Participants of the Church Communication Early Bird Workshop requested the PowerPoint.
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Sent by Richard Edwards
The South Central Jurisdictional Conference will be held, July 13-16, 2016, at the Hyatt Hotel, Wichita, Kansas. The theme is "Rejoice in the Harvest". In addition to the on-going business of the Jurisdictional Conference, the Conference will elect three new bishops for the Jurisdiction and the 2017-2020 Episcopal Area bishop assignments will be announced.
On Saturday morning, July 16th, all persons who attend the Jurisdictional Conference from the NW Texas and New Mexico areas are invited to attend a "Welcoming the Bishop" breakfast. Please send the name, email, cell # and address of the person making the reservation and the number of reservations you wish to make along with a check for $30 per person to the Lubbock District Office of the UMC, 3403 - 21st Street Lubbock, TX 79410 by July 1, 2016 to insure you have a place reserved. Remember persons showing up without pre-paying will not be guaranteed a breakfast or a seat. Also, refunds will only be made if cancellation notice is received by in the Lubbock District Office by July 1, 2016. The exact time and meeting room will be announced at the Jurisdictional Conference on Friday, July 15, 2016.
If you have question, please contact the Lubbock District Office, Jennifer Andersen at or call 806-796-1336.


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Lay Servant Ministries School
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