GC2016 Reflections from Lay Delegate, Mary Bell Haney
Mary Bell embracing the multi-lingual conference.
     As I prepared to attend GC, I read everything I could find about the conference, what we would be expected to accomplish, all the petitions, commentaries and blogs, and tutorials. I have never been so prepared and then not prepared at all. 
     As I stepped off the airplane in Portland, I had no idea what to expect, but the 13 days I was there I felt totally embraced by the Holy Spirit.  Each morning was a new opportunity for conversation with random strangers, both other passengers on the light rail train and fellow delegates during the day. Worship was extravagant and uplifting. Sermons by bishops were among the best I've heard and touched me deeply. It seemed to me that this GC was truly global, celebrating our diversity while giving full voice to those from outside the USA.   
     The time I spent as our official lay delegate was quite an experience. I felt the responsibility of representing New Mexico Annual Conference and tried to vote as I understand our member churches would want while also listening for guidance from God. This was when my preparation paid off.  However, I was somewhat relieved not to be dealing with human sexuality piecemeal by evaluating more than a dozen petitions with different requests and viewpoints.  I feel a  more reasoned approach to legislation coming from representatives from the entire spectrum of interested parties will likely produce a more workable solution. 
     God was definitely working in and through the conference. I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me as your delegate

NM Annual Conference 2016 is in the Books!

  The First Two Days - A brief synopsis in pictures.

Bishop & Tina on Talk Radio
We celebrated our retirees!
Bill Constantine
Tom Garmon

Scott Penrod
Gary Seelau

Steve McElroy
Ruth Fowler 

A Memorial Service for those we Lost this Year
Matt Bridges
Bishop Bill Hutchinson

New saplings were given to loved ones.

Let's Get Down to Business!

General Conference Q & A
GC Delegation -Thoughts & Reflections

The Mayor of Roswell asked for prayers for a troubled city...
and we prayed.

Living Archives
Jim Wade
Rev. Tom Nagle

Watch for Goats

There will be MUCH more from Annual Conference 2016 Soon!
Bob the Alien at microphone 1.

We Are More!
We are more
We are more - GC Portland

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