Chaplain Pat McCain Touching Base  
We are proud to claim Col. McCain as a member of the NM Conference. 
3/4/2016 - KADENA AIR BASE, Japan  -- More than 400 people attended the 2016 National Prayer Luncheon at Kadena, March 2.
     The event featured Col. Steven "Pat" McCain, Pacific Air Forces command chaplain, as the guest speaker. McCain called upon service members to remember the reasons why they answered their nation's call.
     "I, like you, have come to realize just how special and even sacred the call of our nation really is," said McCain. "Events like these have a way of bringing us back to that sense of calling. And it has a way of re-centering us and what we're all about; who we're called to be and what we're called to do. So on this day, men and women around the world of every religion, race, and nationality bow their heads and bend their knees in respect and honor to their God and pray."  Click here to read the full article

  Greg Henneman Visits the NM Conference
by Greg Henneman 
This week I have been visiting churches across New Mexico. The intention of the trip is to share with others the work we are doing and invite them to support our ministry. Throughout this trip I have found that I have been the one learning and receiving more than the person teaching and equipping.
In Albuquerque, I was struck by the devotion of a Bible study class.
In Ruidoso, I was inspired by a  community who hosts their neighbors for a weekly meal.
In Alamogordo, I shared a moment with dear friends.
In Cloudcroft, I ate with the people who formed me in to the person I am.  

In Las Cruces, I received the hospitality of a person who spent her birthday providing for me. 
At the Norbertine Abbey, I worshiped with the community, ate with the brothers, and rested in the hermitage.
Today, I led a workshop with the New Mexico Conference of Churches. Twenty people from different faith communities shared opportunities to welcome the stranger. Three of those 20 were people who had experienced homelessness and deep poverty, but now live stable lives and serve in leadership positions around the city. 
     I went right from leading the workshop to performing a wedding for the son of one of my best friends. I have known Paul since he was ten and today I married him to his true love.
It is humbling and overwhelming to receive gift after gift, grace upon grace. The love of God leaves me in awe. Thank all of you for showering me in love.  Greg Henneman 

Do Extroverts Dominate General Conferences? And Does It Matter?
by heartcoreMethodist
This is an interesting article with our Conference focus on the DiSC personality profile. 
     The United Methodist General Conference of 2016 gets underway in Portland, Oregon, on May 10. I recently read Susan Cain's, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, and it enabled me at least to name one of my great fears about such gatherings, the fear that they're simply dominated by those whom Cain describes as following "the extrovert paradigm" that came to dominate US culture and politics from the early twentieth century.
     Maybe I'm closer to what she calls an "ambivert": I can turn on my extrovert button and function that way for a couple of hours, but it's really tiring and I'll find myself running for the office or at least a convenient bathroom stall and wishing I was writing a book.
The introvert's fear can be summarized in a quotation from Mahatma Gandhi cited by Susan Cain:
Experience has taught me that silence is part of the spiritual discipline of a votary of truth. We find so many people impatient to talk. All this talking can hardly be said to be of any benefit to the world. It is so much waste of time.

Rev. Kim Kinsey Celebrates 25 Years in Ministry

Santa Elena Spring Mission Trip Prayer Request

Please pray for the group heading to Santa Elena Mission from April 18 - 27th. 
Santa Elena Mission is one of our Annual Conference Offerings.
Carlsbad: Jennifer Armendariz, Cindy Chandler, Phillip Huston
Socorro:  Cecil Abel, Erika Chamberlain, Peter Comstock
Hobbs:  Monica Cervantes
Roswell:  George Jones, Allen Teel, Betty Teel
Ruidoso:  Ed Barlow, Tanya Barlow, Carolyn Durrett, Bob Durrett, Penelope Horton, William Horton, Dan Knorr

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Coaching at Annual Conference
The theme of our Annual Conference is "Developing Effective Leaders".  In that spirit, participants will be able to meet with one of our 19 certified coaches. 
Contact Cheri Lyon: or 505-440-6849.
Benefits of Working with a Coach:
  • Gain momentum for new or expanding ministries
  • Work through transitions
  • Be more successful in your leadership role at church
  • Identify barriers to effectiveness
  • Help you get "unstuck"
  • Gain new insights and awareness

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GC2016 - NMAC Prayer Vigil Day is April 27th  
General Conference 2016 is May 10 - 20th.  Important work will be done during that time.  Our leaders need to feel the prayers of the people supporting them at this time.  Tom Albin gives some suggestions for lifting up our leaders and the Holy Conferencing process.  
60 Days of Prayer 
60 Days of Prayer

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Please pray for our Delegation by name. 
General Conference Delegates: Rev. Eddie Rivera & Sid Strebeck 
Jurisdictional Delegates: Susan Brumbaugh & Rev. Scott Sharp 
Alternates: Rev. Jane Vaughan, Chelsea Calderon, Rev. Todd Salzwedel & Mary Bell Haney  


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