New Conference Website is UP!

We are excited to present the new NM Conference website: Click here.  We created a crisp, clean website that will be responsive to all sizes of devices: smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Our primary focus in creating the website was delivering information our members need in the most efficient manner.  You will notice less "bells & whistles", but we did the research on what users actually need from the Conference website and provided those resources.  We created new branding to match the website and an aligned Conference Facebook page: NM Conference - UMC.  Please "like" us! 

If you have any questions, please contact Alli Costello, Communications Director: 505-255-8786, ext. 111 or alli@nmconfum.com.

Disaster Preparedness on the Road
Dru Ann Kuntz, Hap Escue & Bishop Bledsoe ready for the road.
Family Preparedness is more than having some extra food.  It's about being ready wherever you are-even in eastern New Mexico or west Texas.  Here Hap Escue of the Asbury UMC Emergency Preparedness Team presents Bishop Bledsoe with an Emergency Kit for his car.  You never know where or when a need might arise.  To learn more about Family Emergency Preparedness or about a church's Emergency Preparedness, call Hap at 505-453-2800 or stop by the Emergency Preparedness booth at Annual Conference and talk to the Emergency Preparedness Team.  Happy Trails, Bishop!
Haiti Mission Trip Opportunity with McMurry University

Former NMAC Provost, Jeff Lust has invited NMAC members to consider participating in a mission trip to Haiti from May 15th to May 22nd.  Participants will leave from DFW.  The total cost is $1750.  A confirmation deposit of $500 is due on March 29th.  For more information, contact Jeff at: lust.jeff@mcm.org.   
Click here for the mission program website  

Native American Sunday - April 10th  

UMC Giving has provided a Pastor & Leader's Kit to prepare for Native American Sunday. 
Click here 

GC2016 60 Days Prayer 
Most of the slots have at least one person, group or church signed up but there can be more than one for each hour.  We want everyone to feel included in wrapping GC2016 - the process & leaders in prayer. 
Click here for Doodle sign-up link 

Five Things Great Leaders Do (That Most People Don't)
by Aaron Loy
from Relevant Magazine

1. Learn to Follow First
Leaders tend to want to lead, and that isn't always a bad thing. After all, the Apostle Paul did say whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task (1 Timothy 3:1). But Paul also gave us a great picture of what that leadership is supposed to look like: "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ" (1 Corinthians 11:1).
In other words, Christian leaders are primarily in the following business. This is so important for aspiring leaders to get because the idea of leading can sound pretty appealing. Aspiring to lead can naturally play to our pride, but following develops in us humility.

Pastor Kim Kinsey, Celebrates 25 Years in Ministry!

The congregation of Christ UMC-ABQ would like to invite the NM Conference to the celebration of Pastor Kim Kinsey's 25 years of ministry.  Please come to the 10:30 am service on April 10th with a special lunch to follow.  For more info, call 505-255-1669. 

South Central Jurisdictional Conference Info

The 2016 South Central Jurisdictional Conference will be conducted July 13-16, 2016, at the Hyatt Hotel in Wichita, Kansas. The Great Plains Annual Conference is the host. The theme will be: Rejoice in the Harvest. Bishop Scott J. Jones also announced that there will not be a registration fee charged for this conference. Annual Conferences have all elected their delegations. (General Conference 2012 gave permission for elections either in 2014 or 2015). There will be 40 fewer elected delegates to this conference than in 2012. This year's area night features Grammy and Dove awards nominee William McDowell and a mass choir of as many as 300 voices from across the Great Plains.  Some corrections were made to the website.  Click here 

Pre-Conference Meetings

April 16 - Odessa Pre-Conference Meeting - FUMC-Odessa 
April 16 - Roswell Pre-Conference Meeting - Trinity UMC-Roswell 
April 17 - Clovis Pre-Conference Meeting - FUMC-Clovis 
April 23 - El Paso Pre-Conference Meeting - St. Luke's UMC-El Paso 
April 23 - ABQ Pre-Conference Meeting - St. Stephen's UMC-ABQ 
April 24 - Farmington Pre-Conference Meeting - FUMC-Farmington

For all the Pre-Conference meeting details, Click here for the new Conference Calendar 

 Lay Servant School Opportunities
FUMC - Belen - May 21st - 22nd
Contact Charlie Poore: 505-250-7481 orcasapoore@gmail.com.

Advanced Lay Servants and/or CLM's - Six-week Certification or Re-Certification.  "Lay Pastoral Caregiving" with Tim Farabaugh.
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, April 4th - May 9th at FUMC-ABQ.  505-286-4836 or milholland93@q.com.

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>April 15-17
>April 16
>April 16
>April 17
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>April 23
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>April 27 
>May 10-20
>May 21-22 
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>June 2 - 4
<July 13-16 
Advanced Lay Servant School
SWIFT Young Adult Spring Work Camp
Odessa Pre-Conference Meeting 
Roswell Pre-Conference Meeting 
Clovis Pre-Conference Meeting 
El Paso Pre-Conference Meeting 
ABQ Pre-Conference Meeting 
Farmington Pre-Conference Meeting
NMAC 24 hours to Pray for General Conf 
General Conference
Lay Servant School  
Early Bird Workshops 
NM Annual Conference
SCJ Conference
First UMC-Odessa 
Trinity UMC-Roswell 
First UMC-Clovis 
St. Luke's UMC-El Paso 
St. Stephen's UMC-ABQ 
First UMC-Farmington  

Portland, OR
Roswell, NM 
Roswell, NM
Wichita, KS

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