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DUE: March 15, 2016 
  • Reports from conference committees, boards and agencies
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General Conference 2016 Prayer Vigil 
United Methodist Conferences from all over the world have made a covenant to lift up the General Conference 2016 in prayer. More than 1000 petitions need to be heard and acted upon - many concerning contentious issues. Delegates and organizers will need all of our positive thoughts & prayers. The NM Conference chose to pray for 24 hours on Wednesday, April 27th.  We will be sending out a link to a Doodle poll where individuals, church groups and churches can sign-up to pray - any creative way they would like to organize the time slot.  In the meantime, a prayer experience has been provided by the Upper Room.  Click here. 

5 Sermon Cliche's to Retire
by Sammy Rhodes
Illustrations are tricky. Charles Spurgeon said illustrations are like windows in a house. Too many and you're left with no substance. Too few and you're left with no light. If you've been around church for very long, you've probably heard a lot of them, some more than once. Illustrations basically come in three kinds: some good and powerful, some bad and awkward. And some good, but overdone-the ones that feel less like a window, more like a revolving door/time machine to the '90s.
"Of what illustrations do you speak?" you ask (hopefully in a Downton Abbey footman's voice).
Glad you asked. Here are five illustrations teachers love to use that are perhaps like a faithful pet in old age: they need to gently be put down. A word to fellow teachers who, like me, may hate themselves a little more upon reading this: he who has not used any of these illustrations may cast the first stone.
Greg Henneman will be in NM April 5-10.
Greg will be in NM as part of his annual visiting of churches to tell the story of his mission work and support the work of Global Ministries.  If you are interested in hearing his story, call 614-445-7342 or 

Harper Lee was a United Methodist in Word, Deed
By Sam Hodges
"Lee, she said, is a shining example of the capacity of a lay person to see injustice, speak up, tell the story, and transform the world. We as United Methodists define our mission as making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Those were not just words to Nelle Harper Lee. That was her legacy." 
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Train Your Heart to Glow in the Dark Seminar
April 9, 2016 - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Spring FUMC, Springer, NM
Contact: 575-483-2881 



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