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July 29, 2013 
Happy Summer everyone!
We truly hope that everyone is enjoying Michigan's beautiful summer weather. We are truly lucky to live in a state with so many wonderful natural resources. Hopefully everyone is having the opportunity to take advantage of them.
The KCRC continues to chug along, although a little bit more slowly during the summer months. We were lucky to add a short term intern to our roster, Kelsey Lehman has joined us for the months of July and August. Kelsey is beginning her MSW program here at MSU and in the Fall will be interning at a local school. We are busy putting her to work on a newsletter article on what schools can do to help kinship caregivers. This will be sent out as a one page pull-out in our Kinnections newsletter to families with the hopes that caregivers will share the information with their school administrators.
We are also excited to announce that in the next month we will be releasing a new electronic version of our You're Not Alone book for caregivers. At this time we are not planning on printing hard copies because of cost constraints but we will be working to distribute it widely through electronic means and it will be available on our website. One area we will be expanding in the guide is the section on applying for the Child Only Grant and working effectively with the Department of Human Services, which are probably the biggest challenges we hear about from our callers. Hopefully the new and revised You're Not Alone, will provide families with more information to help them be successful in both these areas.
As always, we encourage you to check out our website and to "like" our Facebook page, both of which contain useful information to assist you in your work with kinship families.





 - KCRC Staff




Is there a kinship topic you want us to cover more in-depth in a future newsletter? If so, let us know by e-mailing us at kinship@msu.edu.



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Training Opportunities

CWLA's New Kinship Care Curriculum


The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), has created a new resource, Collaborating with Kinship Caregivers: A Research-to-Practice, Competency-Based Training Program for Child Welfare Workers and Their Supervisors. This is a 12-hour curriculum geared to both public and private child welfare workers on how to facilitate collaboration with kinship caregivers to enhance child safety, well-being, and permanency outcomes for children. The cost is $225 and it can be purchased through the CWLA at


 (okay that's a little bit of a long link).


The KCRC is looking at purchasing a copy and we will keep you posted if we develop trainings from it.



CWLA National Kinship Conference Save the Date Announced  


The CWLA has released a Save the Date for the National Kinship Conference, Building Communities of Caring for Children and Families. The conference is scheduled for September 17-19, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Start saving now and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.



If you have an upcoming training related to kinship caregiving that is open to anyone please let us know!

Information Resources -


Foster Care Navigators 


If you know of a family struggling through the licensing process and you're trying to help than we, of course, encourage you to contact us...but there is also another resource out there in the form of the foster care navigators. Foster Care Navigators can help you, and the families your assisting understand the foster care licensing process and how things are supposed to work (not always the same as how they are working).  To find out more you can go to http://www.fcnp.org/ or contact 1-855-MICHKIDS (642-4543).


Post Adoption Resource Centers

Do you have caregivers that adopted their children through the child welfare system or have a child placed with them through the guardianship assistance program and who are struggling to maintain the child in their home? If so, the Department of Human Services' (DHS) post adoption resource centers maybe be able to help. The centers provide individuals under the age of 21, who were adopted from Michigan's foster care system and their families with support, education, training, advocacy, information, service coordination and case management services. Services are also available to children under the age of 18 who were placed in guardianship from Michigan's foster care system and who are eligible for Michigan's guardianship assistance program. Contact a center in your area to learn more abou the resources and support available families.




Legislative Notices
For the most part it is quiet right now in the Legislature but stay tuned for a busier Fall. We will try to keep you posted on items of Legislation that may impact kinship families.
SB 237, 238, and 239 - Immunizations 
Update: These bills have been passed by the Senate and are now in the House.
Amends the Public Health Code, School Code and State School Aid ACt to state that a record of immunizations must be presented to school officials for any child entering the seventh grade being registered for the first time in a school in the state. (It used to be sixth grade). 
HB 4659, 4660, 4661, and 4662
Responsible Father Registry and notices served to fathers in certain court proceedings
Update: These bills have been passed by the House and are now in the Senate.
Amends the Public Health Code to create a Responsible Father Registry for a man who desires to be notified of a proceeding for adoption or termination of parental right regarding a child he may have fathered.  Registration must happen within 48 hours after the child's birth. Does not affect parental rights if the father child relationship is established according to the paternity act. Failure to register waives a man's right to receive notice of court proceedings and is a denial of his interest in custody of the child, unless fraud by the birth mother was involved, leading the father to believe the baby did not live.

HB 4649 and 4650- Resource Families Bill of Rights.
Update: These bills still sit in Committee.
Creates a bill of rights for foster, adoptive, and kinship families and requires the Children's Ombudsman's office to investigate violations.

You can read the full text of these bills and find out their status by visiting www.legislature.mi.gov



Working with Kinship Caregivers

Much of this will not be a surprise to anyone working with kinship families but it provides a good overview of the benefits of kinship care and what child welfare workers need to do to help make kinship placements a success. https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/kinship.pdf 


Adoption Advocate No. 59: Paths to Permanence: Kin Guardianship and Adoption

A well written article discussing the benefits of kinship as well as the challenges. Also includes some policy recommendations including one for expanding the Family Medical Leave Act to include guardianship. https://www.adoptioncouncil.org/publications/adoption-advocate-no-59.html

Pass on to Families -

FREE Camp Opportunity for School-Age Children


The Purple Martin's Someplace Warm Camp is scheduled for Aug. 24-26 and is free for school-age children! Located at Camp Chickagami on Lake Esau in Presque Isle County. For more information contact Jeanne Fowler at (248) 885-0155 or visit www.thepurplemartin.org


Grand Camp is Coming!


Grand Camp is a special weekend for grandparents, their children, and grandchildren at Mystic Lake YMCA Camp, which is located approximately 15 miles west of Clare. Scheduled for September 6-8, 2013. The cost is $60 for adults/$30 for children. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE! Contact Mystic Lake YMCA Camp at 517-827-9650 or visit www.mysticlakecamp.com.


FREE Training Opportunities for Kinship Families


The MSU School of Social Work is providing a free series of trainings open to foster, adoptive, and kinship families covering topics such as helping children heal from sexual abuse and raising children with attachment issues, to name just a few. Kinship families do not have to be involved with child welfare to participate. New trainings are being scheduled for the Fall in the Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing areas! Visit http://socialwork.msu.edu/ceu/index.php?submenuheader=5 to find out more!  






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