Yoga Can Improve Your Health
If you have a body...you can practice yoga
Improve Flexibility
"I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible!"...is like saying; "I can't take an aspirin, because I'm not a doctor." 

A gentle practice taught by a certified instructor can improve tightness in hips which can cause knee joint strain.  Tight hamstrings can flatten the lumbar spine and lead to back pain.  Avoid these and other inflexibility issues by attending class with Brook Longobardi, CYT, Y4C,  at Alternative Therapy.
From walker to lunge at 84...
Go Fran!
Build & Strengthen Muscle
Weak muscles can degenerate posture and cause a domino effect of decline in health
Muscle strength give
AT Yoga Student
s the body a toned look and the positive effects on the inside of your body are amazing.  A routine yoga practice assists in reducing arthritis pain, back pain and decreases the risk of falls.

The "counter-pressure" of muscles on bones ex
perienced in yoga can prevent and even REVERSE OSTEOPOROSIS. 
Drain Lymphatic Fluid
Brook Longobardi, CYT, of Alternative Therapy, is a certified Yoga 4 Cancer instructor

The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body.  Through a system (similar to the circulatory system's veins and capillaries) transportation of these fluids is pumped ( not by the heart) but through movement and "squeezing" pressure of the muscles. Basically..the less movement and muscle engagement a body experiences, the less lymphatic flow. Be proactive about your health!   Promoting lymphatic flow through a regular yoga practice helps to boost the immune system and destroy cancer cells.


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