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Andrzej Strzalkowski RPT, Osteopath  
Healthy Intentions  Apr 2014

Finding Freedom  

The Definition:
Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, affecting the brain's normal development of social and communication skills." This definition seems incredibly succinct and lacking.  It does not begin to describe the myriad of symptoms, behavior and repercussions experienced in a family with an autistic child.
The Cause:  The cause of autism is yet undiscovered.  The physical chemistry and biology of the brain is effected.  Communication and physical contact with autistic children is often difficult.   
Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT 
The Hope:  Traditional osteopathic therapy has exhibited positive results in treatment for autism.  Osteopathic Cranial Sacral treatment provides release to areas of blocked energy and blood flow to the brain, especially the frontal lobes.  Unlocking these barriers early on, will allow further development of the brain.  Continued therapy can result in modifications in the brain, allowing the patient to reclaim control of their body on an emotional level.  

Osteopathic therapy is non-invasive, drug free treatment with no sid
e effects.
The Result: Time and consistent craino sacral and other osteopathic treatment has shown to reduce symptoms of autism.  Andrzej Strzalkowski performs hands on, gentle manipulation and together with his special talent of connecting with children on their level, equals an emotionally safe environment for both parents and children.

Autism is Not Ordinary  
 Seek Extraordinary Treatment at
Alternative Therapy
5080 Braden Run Bradenton, FL 34202
Take Care of Yourselves!  

So often as caregivers we respond to the chronic stress in our life by pushing our own needs and wellness aside.  However, to function at our best and continue to provide
Bamboo Massage
Nathalie Cecilia,
support for our family (especially those with special needs) we must take care of our health!

Reducing stress is important to maintain our health and well being.  A proven method of eliminating stressing is therapeutic massage.  Massage provides physical relaxation to the muscles and re-energizes the spirit.

If you are feeling hopeless, depressed or anxious massage will melt the blues away.  If you are tense and unable to relax, the flowing strokes of massage will bring you to a state of tranquility.

Commit to your own good health!

Make your appointment today 941-727-1500!
Finding Peace Through Yoga

The practice of Yoga is not just about flexibility. It can be a place where your mind (which constantly runs on overdrive) can rest.  Yoga at Alternative Therapy provides a physically and emotionally safe atmos
Bound Ankle Pose
Brook Longobardi, CYI
phere where your world is reduced to a 3' x 5' space in which you may completely center your mind on your breath and body. 

Yoga's gentle and precise movements strengthens your muscles, regulates your breath as it raises awareness of your body and its needs.  This heightened awareness allows you to listen to the whispers of your body; when it needs rest, when it needs nourishment, when emotionally... you need a time out!  Learning to listen to these whispers will enable you to forestall illness, prevent injuries and curb emotional explosions.

Listen to the whispers of your body...
If you ignore them, it will soon


Practice yoga with a certified professional and find a class that suits you.  Find peace through yoga!

Call 941-727-1500 for more information.

Live Your Life in High Resolution


It's Spring Cleaning Time and a great time of year to refresh and renew your health.  Your life can be cleaner, brighter and lighter if you regularly take yourself through a purification process.


Purification detoxifies your body, getting rid  of build ups of naturally occurring waste like ammonia and carbon dioxide but also getting rid of stored pesticides and chemicals.  


There are more than 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S.  Packaging, food additives, lawn products, pesticides are everywhere and our bodies have trouble getting rid of them. When the body is not functioning optimally toxins are stored in fat.   


Causing weight gain around the middle that is difficult to lose.   Common symptoms of toxic overload besides weight gain are food cravings, fatigue, poor sleep, reduced mental clarity, digestive issues, headaches and low libido.  


4 Practices to Get You started.

  1. Eat a 90% plant based diet.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains with a little animal protein.
  2. Take 20 minute walks daily in the fresh morning air.
  3. Go for long walks on the weekend in a  nature park or beach.
  4. Consider a purification program for 10 to 21 days to detox, reset and renew.
Ellen Teeter,

Spring is the season for new growth and vitality. If you're not feeling the excitement of the season, consider a purification program that uses fresh whole foods and food based supplements to support the body and revitalize you.


     Visit Ellen Teeter, AP, Herbalist to learn how you can experience purification for a healthier you!


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Herbal Consultation

Take advantage of this free offer and discover herbal supplements and remedies specifically designed for your body!
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