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Happy Valentine's Day!
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Weekly  classes at Alternative Therapy

Wednesday Evenings  
7 - 9 pm

Experience guided meditation techniques with hands-on
Energy Therapy
  which assists in reaching deeper levels of calm.

Learn how you can eliminate stress, prevent illness and find peace!

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Preregistration Required


Tues, Wed & Thurs
9 AM-10 AM
$15 per class
10:45 am-12:15 pm
$20 per class
Call for Saturday Class Availability
Program Savings
10 classes for $120

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Medlight Pro

Medlight 630 Pro
Got Pain?                              Get Relief!
Pain Relief in the palm
of your hand.  
Great for
all kinds of pain, cuts,
sprains and bruises  

Easy to use and to carry.
Our Price:  $ 350
List Price:  $ 399

Try Before You Alternative Therapy   For more information call 941-727-1500 or  
visit us online. 

"My patients find the
Medlight Pro gives them
great relief, i
t heals my
children's sprains, scrapes
and bumps quickly and it
has the
science to back
it up."
Andrzej Strzalkowski RPT, Osteopath

Healthy Intentions Feb 2014

Partners Yoga Workshop:

February 15th at 10:45 am at Alternative Therapy with Brook Longobardi, CYI


Beginners through advanced yoga practitioners will experience lessons in communication and unity in this two hour workshop.  You don't have to be a 'couple' to participate in Partners Yoga.  Brook a 15 year practitioner and certified instructor invites mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, friends, co-workers and of course couples are welcome to attend this alignment based, mixed level class.  The workshop is designed to deepen the students' awareness of their body as it relates to the presence of another.  Clear communication and a willingness to listen are keys to success in asana partnering.

Fostering unity and encouraging students to see themselves in others is the goal in offering this workshop. Brook hopes that by exploring our partner's different approaches, students can recognize common ground and improve how they relate to each other and the world. 


Preregistration is Required as Space is Limited! 


Call 941-727-1500

 to sign up Today!    
with the one you Love!
Andrzej Strzalkowski
Ensure your Valentine's Friday is relaxed and wonderful by practicing healing meditation on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.  Bring that special someone and experience the benefit of Andrzej's hands-on energy therapy that will enhance your relaxation and foster a deep meditation. 

Meditation centers the mind and calms the spirit allowing practitioners a stress free foundation for life.  An excellent place to be with the one you love!

Call and reserve your space:  941-727-1500
Relieve Cold Symptoms FAST!Ellen
Herbal Remedies to Eliminate Your Cold

Headaches, Runny Nose, Blocked Sinus and Cough?  You've got a cold!  Find relief and healing through medicinal herbs from Ellen Teeter, AP; Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  Forget over-the-counter medicines and make an appointment to get over your cold ASAP!

Call 941-727-1500 for your appointment now!
Resolve to make 2014 the Year of Good Health! 

Give the Gift of Massage 
to Your Valentine! 
A signature "Bamboo-Fusion" Massage is the perfect gift for your sweetheart.  Just hour of pure relaxation as warm firelight dances and a gentle breeze of music drifts in the air.  Your Valentine will truly feel loved with a massage gift of 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Your Valentine will be able to choose from a complete menu of massages and delight in the elegant certificate you will have to present.

For your convenience, you may call and we will send the gift card to your Valentine!
Improve Your Game...with Yoga!
Tennis, Golf, Soccer or Hockey...whatever your sport, improve your flexibility and improve your game with Hatha style, alignment based yoga by Brook Longobardi.  The strength building attributes of yoga will increase your golf yardage and power behind your swing (whatever you swing).  A regular yoga practice will increase your concentration, improve your ability to focus and maintain calm. 

Professional athletes practice yoga and attest to the benefits they why not you, too?

Try a yoga class and fe
el the difference!

Private and group classes for athletes are available, by appointment where Brook will access your game, reveal  any misalignments in your body while you play and create a personal practice sequence to eliminate bad body mechanics and improve your skill!  Starting at $40 its an incredible value for the serious athlete.

Call for your Sports Assessment appointment Now!


Happy Valentine's Day!
Attend Partner Yoga and receive $10 toward your next visit to Alternative Therapy.
Good towards your one visit with one of our providers. May not be used toward wellness package, gift certificates or with other discounts.

Alternative Therapy 
5801 Braden Run
Bradenton, FL 34202