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November 6th 
 7 pm

Create Resilience!
Eliminate Stress!

Wellness Wednesdays...
Health & Wellness classes  designed to educate, encourage & inspire you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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December 4th Topic:
"Finding Joy!"

Classes are $10 with
our gift to you of $20 in 'AT Care Cash' - goodtowards any one of our services.


Tues, Wed & Thurs
9 AM-10 AM
$15 per class
10:45 am-12:15 pm
$20 per class
Call for Saturday Class Availability
Program Savings
10 classes for $120

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Healthy Intentions Nov. 2013
Jump for Joy
Create Resilience!
Eliminate Stress!

This Wellness Wednesday 
Nov 6th at 7pm

Enhance Your Ability to Handle Stress.

We all have stress, its our ability to adapt and handle what life throws at us that makes the difference between being beaten down or revved up.
Come and learn 3 proven techniques to help you adapt and reduce the effects of stress in your life. 
Find out what foods you should add to your diet.

What exercise is right for you?

Learn Meditation.  Follow a step by step guide to simple meditation that will allow you to find mental clarity and peace.  

 *Receive $20 Care Cashwith your $10 admission.


Call 941-727-1500

 to sign up Today!    
How Alternative Therapy is Your Best Adaptogen. 

Adaptogen: A nontoxic substance that increases the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning. 
Stress and the inability to relax are major factors in poor health.  Below are Alternative Therapy's antidotes designed to direct every body on their path to peace and wellness.

Osteopathic Therapy 
There are three fundamental concepts to traditional osteopathy:    

1)  The body is totally interconnected and anything done to one part can affect another part.


2)  The body has an innate ability to heal itself. 


3)  The deep knowledge of the structure and function of the body allows the Osteopathic physician to effect changes that no pill can achieve.


Old injuries, emotional wounds, bad posture and illness all create tensions and misalignment in our body.  Our body reacts to this tension with signals of pain, which is usually located far from the actual site of the tension.


The gentle hands-on manipulation performed by a true osteopathic therapist can relieve tensions in areas of the body that we may not even be aware are tense.  This release creates a "domino effect" radiating release of tension and increasing healing blood flow throughout our body, alleviating pain and creating a sense of peace. 

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine  Happy Couple
Jayne from Bradenton says "At the end of an acupuncture treatment I feel like a Zen monk, as if I have been on a meditation retreat.  I feel clear, relaxed and happy."

Most people report a marked decrease in pain and an increased feeling of well being with regular acupuncture treatments. They catch colds less and recover from injury faster.
The deep relaxation found in massage therapy sessions comes from the increase in circulation, relaxation of tension in the muscles and the profound peace of being touched in a respectful manner.


Reducing stress levels greatly improve health and quality of life.  The practice of yoga is arguably the best overall system for stress Bound Ankle Posereduction, ever.  A consistent, bi-weekly practice with a certified yoga instructor will strengthen the body's muscle structure, improve immune system and above all:  train the body to relax.  Pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice, part of every authentic yoga class, enable the practitioner to "seek out" areas of tension and learn to release them.  Released tension equals improved health.



Save 20%

Are you suffering from pain, experiencing negative affects from stress or just feeling out of balance? 

Find Relief at
Alternative Therapy!

Long term stress, negative thinking and environmental pollution can lead to digestive problems, sleep issues, chronic pain and depression.   Get someone in your corner today and find more resilience and support for a healthy and vibrant life.
Good towards your first visit with one of our providers.

Alternative Therapy 
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