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October 2nd 7 pm 
Alternative Therapy for Breast Cancer

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Healthy Intentions Oct. 2013
Breast Cancer
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Alternative Therapy  
Wellness Wednesday Workshop
October 2nd,7 pm  $10*


     Learn how alternative osteopathic therapy and oriental medicine can reduce the size of breast lumps, remedy side effects from chemo therapy and keep you emotionally balanced and strong. Space is limited!
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You Have Choices! 
4 Alternative Treatments
for Breast Cancer

1)  Osteopathic Therapy
      Alternative osteopathic physical therapy treatment for
Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT
breast cancer includes gentle manipulation of all systems. This method increases the lymph fluid flow which is beneficial in helping the body to fight infections and strengthen the immune system.  Total body adjustments including myofascial release and gentle joint and muscle manipulation assists in managing lymphadema.  The art of healing at Alternative Therapy joins theses practices together with meditation to build immunities and strengthen body and spirit to reduce and possibly eliminate malignancies.  

2) Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

11 Tips on How to Maintain Breast Health

by Honora Lee Wolfe, author of Better Breast Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine,

1. Keep alcohol consumption moderate.

2. Include olive oil in your diet.

3. Control overall dietary fats.

4. Find a release valve for your stress.

5. Avoid pesticides and "xeno-estrogens

6. Exercise regularly forever!

7. Try self-massage for the breasts.

8. Don't forget monthly breast self-examination.

9. Eat your veggies

10.Consider drinking green tea instead of cola and coffee.
     11.Get professional treatment for benign breast diseases

    Breast health in particular and overall health in general is a lifelong commitment. Different women will have different health care needs and issues. Decisions about your specific needs should be discussed by you and your primary health care practitioner. However, there is a lot that you can do for your self to maintain breast health for life!

3) Oncology Massage

      Clinical research shows that massage can be safe and beneficial for cancer patients. Patients and their caregivers report positive changes after massage. A therapist trained in oncology massage can provide a variety of beneficial effects from improved relaxation to pain reduction to scar tissue mobilization.  Anecdotal evidence also suggests that there are many benefits beyond even these that are experienced by people at all stages of the cancer journey.

Oncology Massage benefits include:

Certified Oncology Massage Therapy

* Reduce pain and fatigue

* Decrease anxiety and nausea

* Improve sleep

* Ease isolation

* Enhance body image

* Nurture well-being


      Our licensed massage therapist, Nathalie Cecilia trained with Lauren Cates, President of Society for Oncology Massage. If you are in or have a history of cancer treatment, request an oncology trained therapist.  Call 941-727-1500 and experience the difference.


4) Gentle Yoga
     Strengthening and stretching are the most apparent benefits a breast cancer patient would receive in a g
entle, consistent yoga practice. The guided practice of yoga assists in recovery as well as managing lymphedema.  
Bound Ankle Pose
Meditation Pranayama

      Pranayama (intentional breathing), meditation and guided relaxation are fundamentals of
true yoga and part of every class taught by a trained yoga professional. These practices allow the student to center on awareness and use their breath and thoughts to reduce pain, calm their mind and raise their spirit.  

     These elements are often omitted in large group or gym yoga sessions, yet vital to the true practice and qualities an oncology patient should seek when looking for a class. 

     Private classes may be recommended at the beginning to ensure the comfort and safety of the student.  However, a certified instructor will use props and alternate poses to welcome newcomers as well as  post-treatment patients, to a safe and effective yoga experienced .   LEARN MORE... 

Breast Cancer 
  I have witnessed Alternative Therapy eliminate know malignancies.  (Find out More)


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