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Wellness Wednesday

August 7th
Learn Moxibustion to Prevent Colds & Promote Longevity

September 4th
Yoga for
Low Back Pain

Wellness Wednesday Workshops are designed to educate, encourage & inspire you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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Healthy Intentions
"Boosting Immune System for Back to School" 
August 2013

Living Longer & Healthier    
Our next Wellness Wednesday on August 7th is a don't miss opportunity to find out how you can boost your immune system. According to Chinese medicine principles now is the time to prepare for the next changing season. Learning this Moxi simple technique will help you avoid colds and flu in the fall AND promotes a long and healthy life.  Be sure and read below for more details and sign up today as space is limited.
Call 941727-1500 today!
abc blocksAvoiding
Colds and Flu
The abc's of Building Immunities!

Elbow Sneeze
Sneezing into elbow reduces spread of germs. 
Back to school can often mean a return of colds, flu and other ailments that spread through your family like wildfire.  Here are some proven tips that will help boost your immune system and avoid the cycles of contagious illness.

Alternative Therapy - Stimulating your lymph system can strengthen your immune system. Osteopathic manipulation is a pain free therapy.  Young and old alike benefit from the lymphatic drainage and increased circulation which aid the body in removing illness causing toxins.  

Balance - Acupuncture brings the body in balance, clearing energy pathways by stimulating the body with hair-like fine needles.  A treatment will take you from "fighting a cold" to renewed energy and clear sinuses.Immune Boosting Acupuncture 

Ellen's HerbsChinese prescriptive herbs can reverse the path of a cold and quickly eliminate flu symptoms.  PREVENTATIVE herbs can be kept on hand at home to take when one of the car pool kids was sent to school with a cold or any similar exposure to colds or viruses.
Bamboo Massage
Bamboo - Fusion Massage 

Deep Relaxation -  A massage from a licensed therapist will
eliminate stress, drain lymphatics and increase circulation; all of which boosts the immune system.  What a great way to take care of yourself!    
 Exercise -The practice of Yoga has long been acclaimed as a proven method of reducing stress.  We now have evidence yoga is improving our
Bound Ankle Pose
Centered Meditation 
metabolism and immune system on a molecular level! Yoga and Immune Health  A regular yoga practice can mean the difference between suffering from a cold or benefiting from a firmer body and calmer more centered mind. 

Finally, remembering to practice basic habits for good health:  Wash Hands Often, Get Plenty of Rest & Eat Nutritious Meals.

Get a head start in preventative health for this school year!  Choosing one or a combination of treatments provided at Alternative is a great way to an A+ on your health report card!  
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Are you suffering from pain, experiencing negative affects from stress or just feeling out of balance? 

Find Relief at Alternative Therapy!

Long term stress, negative thinking and environmental pollution can lead to digestive problems, sleep issues, chronic pain and depression.   Get someone in your corner today and find more resilience and support for a healthy and vibrant life.
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Medlight Pro
Medlight 630 Pro
Got Pain?           Get Relief!
Pain Relief in the palm of your hand.  Great forall kinds of pain, cuts, sprains and bruises. Easy to use and to carry.  Try it for free at Alternative Therapy!
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"My patients find the Medlight Pro gives them great relief, it heals my children's sprains, scrapes and bumps quickly and it has the science to backit up."
Andrzej Strzalkowski RPT, Osteopath

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