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September 4th 7 pm 
Yoga Self Care
for Low Back Pain

Wellness Wednesdays...

Health & Wellness classes  designed to educate, encourage & inspire you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

October 2nd 7 pm 
Alternative Osteopathic
approach to Breast Cancer

Call Now to Sign up  Space is limited!  941-727-1500

Classes are $10 with our gift to you of $20 in 'AT Care Cash' - good towards any one of our services.

Tues, Wed & Thurs
9 AM-10 AM
$15 per class
10:45 am-12:15 pm
$20 per class
Program Savings
10 classes for $120
Thursdays 7pm
Reservations Required 
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Healthy Intentions  Sept 2013
Wake up to a pain-free back!Jump for Joy
Reduce and even Eliminate Back Pain
...DRUG FREE!    

Come to Alternative Therapy on September 4th at 7pm to learn simple yoga poses that can reduce and eliminate back pain. This workshop will teach you methods of raising your awareness to the signals your body sends you, before back pain "sets in".  You will learn a new system of body mechanics designed to train your body in "self-support" and avoid back pain altogether! Be sure and read below for more details.   
Sign up today as space is limited.
Call 941-727-1500 today!
7 Steps to Relieve Back Pain
If you are in pain it is always good to be evaluated by a bachacheprofessional like Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT or Ellen Teeter, AP, DOM. That said, if you have a chronic tendency to back pain there is much you can do to help yourself.  

1. Check Your Alignment Regularly - Are you slouched over a computer all day?  Do you stand with your back swayed and your hips forward (or behind) your shoulders? Poor posture puts stress on the neck and the low back. When sitting place a small pillow behind your low back and put your feet up on box to encourage you to lean back slightly rather slouching forward. Check your standing posture along a wall.  For more from the Mayo Clinic on checking your posture click here.


2. Strengthen Your Core
 - Yoga is a safe and effective way to keep your abdominal muscles toned and help take stress off the muscles of the back.

Support your back and  Boat Pose

it will support you!  


Here are some great tips from Web MD. Our yoga teacher Brook Longobardi, RYT is teaching yoga for back pain at our Wellness Wednesday on September 4th.  This class will get you started on a great routine - sign up today!


3. Breathe deeply and consciously.  Deep breathing improves circulation, relaxes muscles and oxygenates the body. Several new studies show it relieves back pain (and other pain).  For some more tips on this click here.


4. Drink Plenty of Fluids - Dehydration can rob the discs between the spinal vertebrae of their cushioning ability, decreasing the space and making injury more possible. Water with a splash of fruit juice hydrates the body and provides electrolytes to keep you in balance.   


5. Get Regular Massage - a 10 week course of mBamboo Massageassage therapy was shown to be effective for chronic low back pain. In this study "Over two-thirds of those in the massage groups had significantly better back function at 10 weeks compared to just over one-third in the usual care group"  


6. Take a Series of Acupuncture Treatments. Acupuncture works by reducing inflammation, a significant cause of pain, improving circulation and balancing the nervous system.  By interupting and resetting the chronic pain pathways acupuncture can bring more lasting relief.   


7. Receive a Series of Osteopathic Treatments

to realign the muscles and internal organs.  These gentle adjustments release restrictions allowing the body to align naturally.  In one
study "Overall, OMT (Osteopathic Manual Therapy) significantly reduced low back pain."



If you need help getting rid of pain call 941-727-1500 to experience physical therapy, acupuncture, massage or yoga  today.  


We are here to help.


  I suffered from sciatic back pain for two years after delivering my children.  It would come and go and sometimes be so severe, I was unable to walk without a limp.  I found relief...(to read more click on blog man->)


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