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Dietrich College News
Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University

January 2016
10 Things To Love About Dietrich College
It has been said that the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences is no ordinary liberal arts school.

Within the Dietrich College, real world problems are analyzed, challenged and solved, contributions are made in traditional ways and global differences are made.

Dietrich College students, faculty and alumni do a lot.

Learn more about 10 of the many things to love.

Religious Beliefs Don't Always Lead to Violence
From the Christian Crusades to the Paris attacks, countless conflicts and acts of violence have been claimed to be the result of differing religious beliefs. These faith-based opinions are thought to motivate aggressive behavior because of how they encourage group loyalty or spin ideologies that devalue the lives of non-believers.

However, new research reveals the opposite: religious beliefs might instead promote interfaith cooperation.

"There may be other aspects of religion that lead to outgroup aggression," said Nichole Argo, a research scientist in engineering and public policy and social and decision sciences.

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling
The scarcity of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers is a hot topic. A longtime tech pioneer, CMU is also ahead of the curve when it comes to gender equity in STEM fields. In the Information Systems Program, women account for 40 percent of students - double the national average of 15 to 20 percent in similar programs.

"We don't assume that our female students are looking for a 'pink' IS degree - we know they are looking for a rigorous and academic environment where they can explore the problems that interest them," said Jeria Quesenberry, associate teaching professor of IS.

Even With 24/7 Access, "Ostrich Effect" Takes Over When Markets Are Down
CMU's George Loewenstein and Duane Seppi first introduced the "ostrich effect" in 2009 to describe how investors "put their heads in the sand" to dodge facing their financial portfolios when they're expecting bad news.

In a new study with colleagues from Columbia Business School and Vanguard, Loewenstein and Seppi found that ostrich behavior is widely prevalent, even with today's around-the-clock access to financial information, and is a stable personality characteristic in individual investors.

The research is the first large-scale investigation into when investors log in to check their portfolios and how logins affect trading activity.

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EHPP Students Analyze Marijuana Decriminalization Laws
Cities and states across the U.S. are changing laws on marijuana, and Pittsburgh has joined the movement.

Drawing inspiration from Philadelphia's attempts to decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug, City Councilman and Carnegie Mellon University alumnus Dan Gilman (DC'04), commissioned a study on the feasibility of doing the same in Pittsburgh.

Gilman turned to Dietrich College students to examine the issue, and five seniors majoring in Ethics, History and Public Policy (EHPP) rose to the challenge.

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