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Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University

October 2015
 Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Launches 
CMU and Georgetown University have created "Six Degrees of Francis Bacon," a groundbreaking digital humanities project that recreates the British early modern social network to trace the personal relationships among figures like Bacon, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton and many others.

The website lets academics, students and anyone else interested in this period view and add to the network. The site currently identifies more than 13,000 individuals and highlights approximately 200,000 relationships.

Celebrating World Statistics Day With Pizza and Puns
Tuesday, October 20 was World Statistics Day, and the Department of Statistics celebrated with a pizza party for faculty, staff and students.

Guests were encouraged to share statistics-themed desserts, with prizes for the tastiest treats and the most clever statistics puns.
Visiting Assistant Professor Sam Ventura said, "In today's data-rich world, terms such as 'analytics' and 'big data' are used and misused regularly. This can cloud perceptions about who is best suited to solve data-related problems. By celebrating World Statistics Day, we hope to remind everyone that statisticians are here to solve problems involving data."

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 Innovating Foreign Language Education
Whether it is for travel, career opportunities or personal growth, speaking a foreign language and understanding other cultures have become incredibly valuable skills.

Often though, the time and commitment necessary to fully learn a second or third language can be a challenge.
Nearly two decades ago, the Department of Modern Languages set out to solve this problem in higher education by offering online courses.
Why Do Cab Drivers Have Enlarged Brains?
Fifteen years ago, a study showed that London cab drivers had an enlargement in the hippocampus, a brain area associated with navigation.
But questions remained: Did the experience of navigating London's complex system of streets change their brains, or did only the people with larger hippocampi succeed in becoming cab drivers?
Now, Psychology Department scientists Tim Keller and Marcel Just show for the first time that brief navigation training changes a person's brain tissue and improves how that changed tissue communicates with other brain areas involved with navigation.

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Recap: I Never Learned To Spell "Successful"
Javier Soltero (DC'98) - an information systems major with a concentration in computational finance - has climbed to the top of the technology industry.
However, Soltero's path to becoming the corporate vice president of Outlook Program Management at Microsoft was not without hurdles. He recently shared his experiences with the CMU community and met with current students.
"I Never Learned To Spell 'Successful'" was the first lecture in the Dietrich College Entrepreneurs Speaker Series and was also sponsored by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
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