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Dietrich College News
Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University

October 2012
CMU Hosts Second Language Research Forum
Second Language Research Forum
In today's increasingly connected world, language competencies are growing in importance.

And second language acquisition, the discipline devoted to studying how people learn second languages - continues to evolve with new technologies, changing curricula and fresh ways to put theoretical models to practice.

To address these shifting conditions and to bridge gaps between different disciplines to improve the understanding of second language learning, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh hosted the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF), Oct. 18-21 in Carnegie Mellon's University Center. The conference - which attracted record of more than 500 attendees from 25 different countries - provided a unique space for researchers and educators across academic fields to share their work.

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Lab Shares Data To Advance Global Autism Research

Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange
Despite significant advances in understanding the neurobiological basis of autism spectrum disorders over the past 20 years, independent labs still use a variety of different approaches and have access to limited sample sizes.

Laboratories around the world are actively collecting functional and structural MRI imaging data to examine the neural basis of autism, yet not one laboratory alone can obtain a dataset large enough to comprehensively appreciate the neural signatures of the disorder. 
To change this and to further advance the discovery science of autism, Carnegie Mellon University's Cognitive Neuroscience Lab is participating in the Autism Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE) program.  
"This is a phenomenal collaboration that will allow researchers unprecedented access to a massive dataset, collected under careful conditions from a very large sample of individuals with autism, all of whom have been carefully characterized in term of their behavioral profile," said Marlene Behrmann, professor of psychology and director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab.

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Technology's Impact on Music Culture

Technology Impacts Music Culture Technology has changed the way people access and listen to music. To understand these changes, Carnegie Mellon University's Center for the Arts in Society (CAS) hosted "Listening Spaces: 21st Century Explorations of Music, Technology and Culture."

"At Carnegie Mellon, we are amazing at creating technology, and this event allowed us to start a conversation on how we use it," said Richard Purcell, assistant professor of English. "There's also a communal aspect that we're interested in - how people come to know about music. You used to walk into a record store or listen to the radio - how has technology changed that?"

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A Celebration of the Humanities
Celebrate the Humanities

Over the past 10 years, Carnegie Mellon University has strengthened its standing in the humanities thanks to the distinguished faculty in the English, History, Modern Languages and Philosophy Departments as well as generous support from numerous foundations, corporations and individuals.


To celebrate CMU's excellence in the humanities, the Dietrich College will host a program and reception featuring:

  • Remarks by Dean John Lehoczky
  • "The Humanities in the World" - a keynote address by MariŽt Westermann, vice president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • Poster presentations by several humanities students showcasing their senior projects

Thursday, November 1, 2012

4:30 - 6 p.m.

Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall A51


Faculty, staff, students and alumni are encouraged to attend to acknowledge and honor the strength of the humanities within the Dietrich College. 


RSVP by Friday, October 26 to or 412.268.5052

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Building Your Future
The Dietrich College is excited to announce an exclusive event for Dietrich College sophomores, juniors and seniors of all majors.

This day-long event will feature DC alumni in a variety of different career paths who will share their experiences.

It's the perfect opportunity to network and learn about career options, internships and post-graduation possibilities.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013

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"Shapira Challenge" To Benefit
Dietrich College
David Shapira, a Carnegie Mellon life trustee and former board chairman, along with his wife Cindy, and in collaboration with the Giant Eagle Foundation, are giving approximately $2.8 million to the Dietrich College via the Inspire Innovation Campaign.

Of this gift, $2 million will be used to endow the Humanities Scholars Program, and $800,000 will be used to provide a pool of matching funds as a means to encourage additional donors to the college.

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