vol. 2 (1), winter 2015

Pizza's Impact on Kids' Diets

Teens take in an extra 230 calories and 484 mg of sodium on days they eat pizza.

BTG's Lisa Powell was interviewed by ABC News about her study on how eating pizza affects kids' overall nutrition. Watch the video clip here, or see Jimmy Fallon's take on it.

Will School Food Standards Help?

Nonwhite students were less likely to be obese when sugary drinks were unavailable in their high schools. 

See how secondary school food environments were associated with student overweight/obesity before implementation of the new USDA meal & snack standards in this research brief (PDF) and study in JAMA Pediatrics

Why Training Matters for PE Staff

Schools requiring continuing education for physical education (PE) teachers were more likely to offer students physical activity opportunities outside of gym class.

Well-trained physical educators are important for delivering high-quality PE programming in schools, and they can play a key role in promoting additional aspects of physical activity in schools.  Find out how in our paper from Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport.

Food Ads Target Low-Income Areas

Fast-food street advertisements were more common in communities with a greater proportion of families living below the poverty line. 
BTG's Chris Quinn presented a poster (PDF) on this new research from communities across the U.S. at APHA's Annual Meeting in New Orleans, November 2014. Check out the rest of our recent presentations here.

Bridging the Gap is a nationally recognized research program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to improving the understanding of how policies and environmental factors influence diet, physical activity, and obesity among youth, as 
well as youth tobacco use. For more information, visit www.bridgingthegapresearch.org.