EPDEarl Duque Among Wind Leaders Addressing Future Data Needs - Atmosphere to Electrons Initiative  

IL and Penn State presented work at AIAA SciTech15. AIAA and AHS CFD papers related to wind energy are available.  
DOE sees the potential to improve wind farm efficiency by 20% while drastically reducing operating costs for wind energy producers.

The Atmosphere to Electrons (A2E) Workshop was recently hosted by the Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.  The focus of the initiative is the use of computational simulation to improve understanding and performance predictions from the microscale to the mesoscale.  Intelligent Light's Dr. Earl P. N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research, was invited to participate in the workshop and has posted a new blog entry.


Read Dr. Duque's blog post and learn more from two published papers

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Cloud computing offers tremendous flexibility for CFD users with peak workload demands. Organizations and consultants who do not maintain HPC systems in house now have access to large scale compute on demand. 

The problem is that CFD quickly becomes intractable with remote systems if the data must be moved off the systems.  The time and cost of transfer can be prohibitive.  Intelligent Light makes it practical to work with the large data while avoiding the transfer of large results files regardless of the CFD solver used.

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