XDBviewXDBview - The high performance viewer for CFD   

New XDBview gives you all the high performance, interactive visualization capabilities of FieldView in a free CFD viewer.  


Use XDBs to:

  • Interrogate your CFD simulations using compact XDB files.
  • Review and share complex simulation results without the burden of large CFD datasets and without a license.

New colormaps in FieldView 15 draw out flow features. In this image, enhanced luminance colormap improves perception for all audiences, including those with color perception limitations.

FV15FieldView 15 is here!  

FieldView, Version 15 was released in October and is making an impact at user sites around the world.  Take a fresh look at FieldView!  Among the newest capabilities:
  • Easier access to 50 different colormaps and user defined ones straight from the interface.

  • Increased performance and control over extract generation (XDBs)

  • Several new Layout RESTART templates for multi-windows

  • Reduced memory footprint for improved performance

  • An improved reader for OpenFOAM data that will allow the computation of more accurate iso-surfaces at the border between partitions.

  More FieldView 15 Info 

AgileIncreasing our responsiveness with agile development 

Intelligent Light has made a major commitment to revamping our development process using agile development methods.  This change was made to increase our responsiveness to customer needs.  FieldView 15 is our first release under the new methods and customer involvement during development helped ensure that new features meet the needs of users upon release. 

Looking ahead,  the new process will result in multiple releases each year, better adherence to schedule commitments, and more rapid deployment of new features and fixes. 

SciTechFV15 and XDBview debut at AIAA SciTech 15 

We've just returned from our most important aerospace meeting of the year.  During SciTech we met with our users, demonstrated FieldView 15 and the new XDBview.  Some visitors even left with their own XDBs and XDBview in hand. 
XDBview is now available for free download

During the technical sessions, Earl Duque (IL Manager of Applied Research) and Atsushi Toyoda (IL Asia Pacific Technical Office) presented papers.  We hosted guest speakers and had IL experts present in our booth.  For our Japanese speaking customers we held a special presentation session in Japanese.  Demonstrations included the latest developments using VisIt including in-situ post processing examples.


More info and full speaker schedule 

Unleash FieldView for ...
  • Unparalleled post-processing power & speed
  • Unequaled data management capabilities
  • Unmatched, easy to use automation tools 
  • Unbelievably vivid visualizations

 And so much more! Find out for yourself -- start your evaluation today!