FV15FieldView 15 is coming!  

Our upcoming release of FieldView version 15 will arrive in late October. As the first release under our redesigned Agile software development process, users already working with prototype software have seen improvements based on their requests that have been developed for the release.  The complete feature set has not been announced but here are a few early highlights:
  • Increased performance and control over extract generation (XDBs)

  • An improved reader for OpenFOAM data that will allow the computation of more accurate iso-surfaces at the border between partitions.

  • XDBView, a new standalone viewer for FieldView XDBs.  XDBView is open licensed and can be freely shared among colleagues.
  • Easier access to colormaps and user defined ones straight from the interface.

  • Reduced memory footprint for very large surfaces


XDBExport XDB files from VisIt 2.8   

VisIt users can now generate FieldView XDB files directly from VisIt scientific visualization software. VisIt is highly scalable, open source visualization software developed by the US Department of Energy. Intelligent Light is working under a DOE SBIR to provide a robust, hardened version of VisIt for engineering applications. VisIt includes libsim which is a powerful tool that can be used for in-situ post-processing and visualization.

Intelligent Light's development was performed largely by Brad Whitlock, a member of our Applied Research Group.  Brad is a long-time VisIt developer, formerly working for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).  Several advanced FieldView users are already using XDBs generated in VisIt.

FieldView XDB files are increasingly important for CFD analysts who use them to work with compact files from complex, unsteady simulations.  Writing XDB files from VisIt in an interactive session or from libsim in-situ provides persistent extract files that can be used with FieldView software and archived in compact form for later use. Numerically accurate XDB files are used for interactive and batch post-processing and for archiving results. The ability to deliver XDB files directly from VisIt will help increase the pace of analysis by allowing HPC users an efficient and practical path to working with large datasets generated on HPC systems.

HPC_EventsIL Invited Talks at HPC Events  

Intelligent Light was invited to participate in HPC panel discussions at the EnterpriseHPC conference in San Diego and the HPC User Forum in Seattle this month.


Intelligent Light is sought out by the HPC community as an HPC leader who is delivering solutions to today's challenges using HPC ready software and expert services. Our direct involvement with customers working at the leading edge of HPC driven engineering is making people vastly more productive as they harness the power of HPC.  

UpcomingEventsUpcoming Events

Webinar - Interactive Exploration of High Fidelity ICE Simulations 

Learn how you can create and analyze ICE simulations with hundreds of time steps and hundreds of thousands of simulated particles.  Interactively explore your high fidelity data to improve understanding of your results. Attend this webinar by Intelligent Light and Convergent Science to see how you can escape current limitations and achieve more from your CFD.


Tuesday, October 28, 2PM ET  

Information and Registration 



SC14 - Intelligent Light will be bringing VisIt and FieldView to SC14.  Come see us in the exhibit hall and contact us if you'd like to arrange a meeting!  

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