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IDC recognized Intelligent Light during SC13 in Denver, CO, for the use of HPC to generate and analyze vast amounts of CFD without workflow limitations using readily available, standard software and hardware.  This is the second time Intelligent Light has received the award.  The approach allowed hundreds of cases and terabytes of data to be evaluated and utilized under a restrictive schedule using:

  • CFD Data Management using tools in FieldView
  • Engineered CFD workflows by Intelligent Light
  • HPC on remote Cray XE6


This same capability is available to all FieldView users and will be explained in our upcoming webinar on Jan 22

IL_Cray_WebinarIL_Cray WebinarNew Webinar - Massive CFD Data Handled Quickly Without Compromise - Maximize Your CFD Investment

A Real World Example Case: Analysis From AIAA High Lift Drag Prediction Workshop
Dr. Earl P. N. Duque will present "Real World Example Cases: Analysis From Wind Energy and High Lift Drag Prediction Workshop Simulations."

Dr. Duque will be joined by Greg Clifford, Manufacturing Segment Manager at CRAY.  The webinar shares a great example of how simulation data management can be done effectively in a HPC environment.

Attendees will learn about methods for:
  • 100x to 1000x data reduction
  • Effective use of remote HPC resources for both interactive and batch operations
  • Working with data from multiple solvers including OVERFLOW2 & OpenFOAM
  •  Register Now - June 22, 2014, 12:00-12:45 EST 

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In case you missed it: 

  • SC13 - VisIt Breaks Through - IL is working with DOE's open source VisIt software, advancing, developing, and demonstrating the ability to use VisIt in a production engineering environment for the most complex of CFD problems of today & tomorrow.  Several members of this community joined us at SC13 to share and discuss their use of, and hopes for, VisIt.  
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  • Unequaled data management capabilities
  • Unmatched, easy to use automation tools 
  • Unbelievably vivid visualizations

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