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SC13VisIt Breaks Through at SC13 - Booth #4216   

Intelligent light is working with the VisIt community, developing and demonstrating the ability to use VisIt in a production engineering environment for the most complex of CFD problems.  VisIt will provide a path to in-situ post-processing to achieve high performance with very large dataIntelligent Light is honored to welcome a series of presentations in our VisIt booth (#4216) at SC13.
  • Hank Childs, University of Oregon / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Amit Chourasia, San Diego Supercomputing Center / UC San Diego

  • Cameron Christensen, University of Utah

  • Earl P. N. Duque, Intelligent Light

  • Jean Favre, Swiss National Supercomputing Center

  • Cyrus Harrison, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • Steve M. Legensky, Intelligent Light

  • Allen Sanderson, University of Utah

  • Robert Sisneros, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

  • Brad Whitlock, Intelligent Light

  • Patrick Wohlschlegel, Allinea Software


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HPCWireRCAIntelligent Light to be recognized at SC13

Intelligent Light has been selected to participate in the new HPC Impact Showcase at SC13.  The HPC Impact Showcase brings real world applications of HPC that make a difference in shaping our world.  The showcase presentations take place in the HPC Impact Showcase Theater on the exhibit floor. 
Accelerating Innovation While Reducing Risk - High Impact HPC at a Formula One Team and a Racing Bike Wheels Manufacturer 
Steve Legensky, Intelligent Light 
Tuesday, November 19th,  1:00PM 

Intelligent Light has been nominated for awards at SC13 as the industry acknowledges the challenges being faced and the solutions being delivered for HPC driven CFD.   

IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award Nomination 
Addressing the post-processing bottleneck with CFD data management

Three HPCwire Reader's Choice Award Nominations 
  • Best use of HPC application in manufacturing 
  • Best use of HPC in the cloud
  • Best HPC visualization product or technology
We are proud of the success of our users and these award nominations reflect the milestones reached in enabling our users to do more with their time, HPC, and CFD investments.

New Whitepaper - Productivity with Large Scale CFD Using FieldView Data Management - Data Management Resolves Post-Processing Limitations with Big Data. 

HPC has made the generation of vast amounts of results data commonplace. For many, post-processing has emerged as the workflow bottleneck.  See how FieldView and Intelligent Light eliminate this restriction.  After performing 100s of steady and unsteady cases using NASA's OVERFLOW2 code on a Cray XE6™ supercomputer provided by Cray Inc, the solutions were post-processed in batch on the Cray to create compact FieldView XDBs. These compact files were transferred to a local workstation for analysis and  final images preparation. Dr. Duque presented this work at the 2nd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW-2) and now you can learn the details from our whitepaper.


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