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Announcing FieldView 14!  

CFD Data Management and Affordable Scalability - FieldView 14 brings Parallel Power to the People

  • Now every standard FieldView license runs up to 8 CPU cores.
  • Special upgrades for all existing FieldView Parallel users.  
  • High speed rendering for automated batch workflows.
  • Enhanced FieldView XDB capabilities increase speed and convenience.
  • Unsteady particle visualization that is up to 400 times faster, allowing the interactive visualization of millions of particles for complex applications like combustion and mixing.

This is just the beginning.  To experience the new parallel, multi-windows, performance capabilities and all the other new features of FieldView 14, contact us today.   


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HPCwire Reader's Choice Awards.  VOTE!

Intelligent Light Receives Nominations for Three HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards!     

Intelligent Light has been nominated for awards in three categories of the  HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards.   Please vote in support of Intelligent Light's efforts to enhance HPC-enabled CFD!


Survey question number, category, and candidate description 

  • Q1. Best use of HPC application in manufacturing - Zipp Speed Weaponry with Intelligent Light, Dell, Intel, and R-Systems, using HPC-enabled CFD, develop Firecrest® aerodynamic bicycle racing wheels
  • Q8. Best use of HPC in the cloud - Intelligent Light with Cray XE6™ using cloud-based resources for CFD automation, data management and CFD studies - AIAA High Light Production Workshop.
  • 13. Best HPC visualization product or technology - Intelligent Light, FieldView 14 - CFD Post-Processing for HPC

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NEW!  Productivity with Large Scale CFD Whitepaper   

After performing 100s of steady and unsteady cases using NASA's OVERFLOW2 code on a Cray XE6 supercomputer provided by Cray Inc, the solutions were post-processed in batch on the Cray to create compact FieldView XDBs. These files were transferred to a local workstation where final images and plots were made. Dr. Duque presented this work at the 2nd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW-2) and now you can learn the details from our whitepaper.


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Come See Us!  

  •  VINAS User's Conference - Shinegawa, JAPAN, October 9-11, 2013
    • Presentations and Hands on Workshops by Intelligent Light 
  • SC13, Supercomputing Conference, November 17-22, Denver, CO 
Unleash FieldView for ...
  • Unparalleled post-processing power & speed
  • Unequaled data management capabilities
  • Unmatched, easy to use automation tools 
  • Amazingly vivid visualizations

 And so much more! Find out for yourself -- start your evaluation today!

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