New Automotive Case Study  - Efficient CFD Workflows 

Simulation data courtesy of Navistar International
Simulation data courtesy of Corvid Technologies and Navistar International
Quickly see how and why automotive industry OEMs, consultants, and race teams count on FieldView to help them address current industry challenges including:
  • New and more stringent environmental regulations
  • Getting actionable data fast - too much data, too little time 
  • Keeping engineers focused on value-added engineering
Read the case study Three Ways to Use Engineered CFD Workflows to Address Challenges in Automotive Engineering and see what the keys to three organizations' CFD success are.

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Dr. Earl Duque Profiled in 5enses Magazine     

Go Figure: Art and science cast in Intelligent Light for Earl Duque

"Landing (an Apache helicopter) was like riding a bucking bronco."  

"We had no idea what we  were looking for," recalled Earl Duque, who was part of a team troubleshooting the problem for NASA's Ames Research Center. "All we could do was look at the data."


"These visualizations help people understand what we're doing, they're beautiful and compelling, and can certainly be viewed as art, there's hardcore engineering behind them, as well." - Earl P. N. Duque, Ph. D.

Smart CFD™ - FieldView 14 Will Address More Large Data and Parallel Computing Needs.  

Intelligent Light's Steve Legensky with NASA Ames' Tim Sandstrom stand in front of NASA's Hyperwall during FieldView 14 preview
Intelligent Light's Steve Legensky with
NASA Ames' Tim Sandstrom stand in front of NASA's Hyperwall. FieldView 13 is already helping NASA exploit HPC-enabled CFD.
Smart CFD means addressing today's challenges and preparing for tomorrow's.   Intelligent Light recognizes the pressing needs of the CFD community to manage ever-increasing amounts of data. We are developing FieldView product and support services that help our customers exploit these trends and deliver accurate, thorough, and timely results to their organizations.

These trends include:
  1. Large files and remote computing requiring effective workflow design and data management.
  2. Enabling broader use of HPC resources.
  3. Driving toward a future where in-situ post-processing becomes an everyday tool freeing users from the burdens of huge volumes of CFD files. 

The upcoming FieldView 14 release will build on the product's long heritage of supporting HPC users and helping them work productively with their HPC systems both local and remote.  FieldView 14 will bring deliver more computing benefits including:

  • New, free and low-cost FieldView tools for working with and sharing  XDB files 
  • Included high-performance dataset reads enabled by FieldView Dataguide for all FieldView 14 users as part of the standard license.  
  • "Parallel Power to the People" - As multi-core and parallel systems (SSI and clusters) are are a standard part of today's CFD computing workflow, all FieldView licenses will support the use of up to 8 cores per dataset in the standard license and parallel users will receive no-cost upgrades for larger processor counts. 

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  •  HPC User Forum "Emerging Trends in HPC" - Boston, MA, Sept. 9-11, 2013.
    • "In-situ post-processing for CFD as a disruptive technology for engineering and research" - Steve Legensky, GM/Founder, Intelligent Light (inquiry/meeting request)
    • "In situ Exploration of Large Scale CFD with FUN3D and VisIt" - William T. Jones of the NASA Computational Aerosciences Branch will participate in the Big Data and HPC Update panel. 
  • Metacomp Technologies CFD++ UGM - Universal City, CA Sept. 17-19, 2013. 
TryFV13 Unleash FieldView for ...
  • Unparalleled post-processing power and speed
  • Unequaled data management capabilities
  • Unmatched, easy to use automation tools 
  • Unbelievably vivid visualizations

 And so much more! Find out for yourself -- start your evaluation today!  

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