FieldView 14 Sneak Peek 

Multi-windows in FielView shows progress in time-dependent urban dispersal simulation.

The next release of FieldView version 14 provides users with the industry's fastest, most robust, multi-window capability.

  • Study and compare many datasets simultaneously in a single session.
  • High speed rendering for automated batch workflows.
  • Enhanced XDB capabilities increase speed and convenience.
  • Unsteady particle visualization 
    that is 100s of times faster, allowing the interactive visualization of millions of particles for complex applications like combustion and mixing.

This is just the beginning.  To experience the new multi-windows capability and all the other new features of FieldView 14, contact us today.   


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A Lesson for Small Engineering and Manufacturing Companies   

How one small manufacturer leveraged high performance computing to increase revenues by 100% and add 120 jobs to the Indiana economy.


See how you can:
  • Quickly deploy effective CFD workflow
  • Exploit HPC resources
  • Embed your organizational knowledge and best practices into your workflow
  • Deliver timely results to the right people 

Zipp Logo 

Learn how Intelligent Light delivered a combination of commercial CFD

software and expert services enabling Zipp Speed Weaponry to deploy a productive CFD workflow in just 3 months.  Zipp is now studying 30x more design concepts and more refined design iterations resulting in greater performance gains from one product generation to the next.  The rapid expansion of their knowledge base supports the innovation that is their ongoing competitive advantage.   


Intelligent Light in CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop  

Intelligent Light's Dr. Earl Duque will present at the 2nd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW-2). He is performing 100s of steady and unsteady cases using NASA's OVERFLOW2 code on a Cray XE6 supercomputer provided by Cray Inc. The solutions are post-processed in batch on the Cray to create compact FieldView XDBs. These files are transferred to a local workstation where final images and plots are made. Dr. Duque will be contributing his FVX automation scripts for the workshop group's use.


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The F1 Season Heats Up With CFD at the Front of the Grid 

Midway through the 2013 season, three of the top four teams in the standings are using FieldView so watch as aerodynamics Red Bull Racingcontinue to evolve with increasing speed. Teams that have invested in intelligent CFD workflows with the help of Intelligent Light and FieldView will press their advantage throughout the season.     


Find out how FieldView helps Red Bull Racing drive to the winner's circle.    More Here 

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TryFV13 Unleash FieldView for ...
  • Unparalleled post-processing power and speed
  • Unequaled data management capabilities
  • Unmatched, easy to use automation tools 
  • Unbelievably vivid visualizations

 And so much more! Find out for yourself -- start your evaluation today!



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