A Billion Cells and Beyond 

High resolution wind turbine simulation and FieldView image by Intelligent Light
Large scale engineering CFD solutions are now performed with grid resolutions exceeding a billion grid points. To validate large scale CFD workflows, Intelligent Light is modeling a notional 5MW wind turbine using the OVERFLOW2 solver and FieldView for post-processing.  The time accurate simulation was performed at high resolution, using over 1.1 billion grid points, 22,000 grids, and Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR).   The goal was to capture the dynamic motion, rolling, and pitching of this large rotating machine.  The simulations and post-processing were run on a Cray XE6 with 4096 processors.

Supporting Cray's Cluster Compatibility Mode (CCM) for both interactive and batch post-processing, FieldView's CFD data management techniques reduced file sizes by 60-200x to greatly increase productivity. 

Big Data Milestone: 30 Billion Cells in 120 Seconds (Univ. of Tokyo & Riken).  More Here

Accelerating Product Engineering at Smaller Organizations  

Digital Manufacturing Report 
DMR's most popular article ever! 

CFD for the Rest of Us - Digital Manufacturing Report explains how the latest CFD  capabilities and services are helping small-medium sized manufacturers (SMMs) succeed with affordable, high-productivity CFD. 


The coming of age for CFD simulation for small and medium sized manufacturers (SMMs) is finally a reality. The story shows how the HPC-enabled CFD gap is bridged between large, established CFD users, and the smaller companies who have long seen limited success with sophisticated simulation-driven design.   

More Here 

FieldView Automation in Turbomachinery 

Dr. Steve Gorrell and student Matthew Marshall at Brigham Young University are

FieldView image courtesy of BYU (unofficial attribution)
Reducing turnaround time 25:1 with FieldView automation tools.

working with high-density time-accurate CFD simulations of a multistage fan.  The

investigations are performed to understand inlet distortion and the underlying flow physics under different operating conditions.  The FieldView image shown here is from their published study, Investigation of Operating Conditions on Distortion Transfer and Generation in Three Stage Fans. 

"We are developing tools for automating turbomachinery post-processing using FieldView.  We have already reduced the time spent post-processing from 25 hours to 1 hour.
" - Steven E. Gorrell, Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University

The New F1 Season Heats Up With CFD at the Front of the Grid 

The new cars have been unveiled and testing is underway for the 2013 F1 teams.   With 3 of the top 4 teams from last season all using FieldView, aerodynamics Red Bull Racingcontinue to evolve with increasing speed. The 2013 Formula 1 season starts March 15th in Australia, and it seems likely that teams investing in intelligent CFD workflows with the help of Intelligent Light and FieldView will again be able to press their advantage throughout the season.   


Find out how FieldView helps Red Bull Racing drive to the winner's circle.    More Here 

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