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Issue: #38

November 2012

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BREADFRUIT - Hawaiian Quilt: Telling stories
GIRAFFE FAMILY - 2FAQ: Celebrating family togetherness
AURIFIL THREAD: The perfect gift
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Beam N Read give-away


You could win a Beam N Read personal light by just sending us an email telling us who you would like to give one of these lights to, and how they could benefit from the light. On November 30, we will select a winner from all the entries we receive.


We will share some of the entries and announce the winner on our website and in our December e-newsletter.

Beam-N-Read LED 6

This handy little light hangs around your neck on an adjustable elastic strap. It is battery operated (4 AA batteries), and you have the option of turning on all 6 of the LED lights for maximum brightness, or just 3 lights for longer battery life. Perfect for hand stitching, reading, or anywhere you need hands-free light.


With more winter storms looming, and the chance for power outages, this is the perfect gift for everyone! 


REMEMBER: Tell us who you would give one of these lights to and why, for your chance to win one.


Send your email to:

[email protected] 




Enter as often as you like, but each entry must list a different person and reason. No purchase necessary.


Winning entry will be chosen at random on November 30 and notified by email.


We don't need the full name of your chosen person. It is OK to identify the person by first name, relationship, or occupation (i.e. my quilt teacher, my nurse, etc.)


Have no fear, we are not using this as a way to harvest email addresses. We will not share your email address with anyone, nor use it for any purpose other than to notify you if you are the winner.


Good luck! 



February 1-23, 2013

Passports available beginning January 15, 2013

You'll find us on the Big Island
February 1-11!


Check our Calendar

to see classes with Nancy, and free events with Janice and Nancy, at several of the quilt shops on the Big Island.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Big Island - Hawaii


As promised, Janice has added two new Galleries to our website for your viewing pleasure.


Design Gallery

Click. A showcase of the wonderful Hawaiian quilts YOU are designing with the aid of our book and DVD:

Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt 

DYPHQ-yellow background
Go take a look, be inspired, and send us photos of what you have designed, using our book/DVD.
Borders and Runners Gallery
Click. A place to see the variety of things being done with our versatile Applique Quilt Borders and Table Runners patterns.
Christmas Socks - 200 
Mahalo! To everyone who has shared photos of their designs and quilts.
Also new:


You deserve it!


Make your reservation now to spend time at Nancy's studio in Gold Beach, Oregon.


The choice is yours, spend time working on your projects, or take lessons from Nancy learning applique, Hawaiian quilting, or designing.




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Hau'oli La Ho'omaika'i



Generally, Nancy considers the potential for extreme weather when she is booking teaching engagements. She tries to avoid winter in Michigan or North Dakota, and summer in Arizona or Texas. (Although she has taught in Michigan in January and Texas in August!) But, who would have guessed that extreme weather this fall would make it so difficult to get to New Hampshire and then New York City for her recent teaching events? Hurricane Sandy and winter storm Athena both had plans of their own.

"The first weekend in November, I had the extreme pleasure of teaching at the 24th annual A Quilters' Gathering in New Hampshire, put on by the East Coast Quilters Alliance 3. With classes and presentations by many talented teachers and an amazing quilt show, it was worth all the effort to get there. This quilt show included some of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen. My jaw, literally, dropped open with amazement several times as I walked through the show.
"I was encouraged by the number of students who thanked me for being there to teach hand applique and hand quilting. With so many quilts being made completely by machine, that has become the focus of nearly all classes. Let it be known: I am personally dedicated to teaching the gentler art of stitching by hand."

As you read this, Nancy has just finished teaching in New York City. The intrepid Empire Quilters of New York City are eager to get their lives back to normal, so decided to go ahead with the events planned with Nancy this week-end. Winter storm, Athena, made Nancy's trek from New Hampshire to New York City more exciting, but could not prevent her from meeting with this determined group of quilters.

Let's all be ho'omaika'i (grateful) this month for the abundance that fills our lives. 
The devastation in the mid-Atlantic region is heart-breaking. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been up-rooted by these storms. Our contribution this year, from the sales of our pattern You Are In Our Hearts, will go to the American Red Cross for their storm relief efforts.


E komo mai,

Nancy & Janice 



BREADFRUIT - Hawaiian Quilt

Telling stories


You may know that "the hands tell the story" in a hula dance. The expression of the songwriter and choreographer blend with the dancer's movements to do more than just entertain. In a society without a written language the songs, dances and stories of old Hawaii all played a significant role in teaching history, culture, and values.


Understanding that, we are never surprised when quilters ask us what Hawaiian quilt design they should choose when making a quilt for a friend or family member. Quilters intuitively want their hands to tell the story, too; they want their Hawaiian quilts to have special meaning to the recipient.


We receive the question often enough that we have put specific suggestions on the Questions & Answers page (Q&A) page on our website. Visit this page for specific information about birth-month flowers and the colors and flowers of the Hawaiian islands, along with other ideas.


Breadfruit on purple

What we did not suggest on that page, but we will tell you here, is that the Breadfruit pattern is a wonderful option as a gift quilt. In Hawaii the Breadfruit, or 'Ulu, as we have told you before in our newsletters, is a symbol of plenty, or abundance. Originally, because it was a staple in the diet of voyaging Polynesians and was carried with them in the canoes as they explored and populated the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The trees grow to great size and bear huge, nutritious fruit in great quantities; the sticky sap was used to catch birds to gather their feathers; and the wood was used for canoes and houses. Understandably, the Breadfruit later became a symbol of abundance in many things. To a quilter a breadfruit quilt is a wish, or promise, of abundance in creativity, life and health. What better message to pass on to the recipient of your quilting efforts?


Breadfruit: 42" x 42", Normally this pattern sells for $12.00, but for a limited time you can purchase it for only $10.00. Buy It Now!  Then check out our Hawaiian Quilt Fabric Packs to choose fabric for your quilt.


We also have a Breadfruit design in our Tropical II and Tropical III block pattern sets, and as a bed-sized quilt Na Ulu O Hawaii. A Breadfruit block pattern is also included with our DVD "Hawaiian Quilting with Nancy Lee Chong".

HINT: Design your own Hawaiian quilt to tell your story exactly the way you want it. Blend your design motifs, colors and thoughts to create a quilt as unique as you, for your friends and family. Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt.

GIRAFFE FAMILY - 2 Fabric Applique Quilt
Celebrating family togetherness  


It is the time of year when our thoughts turn to family, friendsGiraffe Family and giving gifts. With over 65 quilt patterns, we are sure to have the perfect one for your gift-giving.


Take for example the Giraffe Family quilt for an animal lover, or someone who dreams of African safaris. Maybe it is you who adores giraffes! This quilt also makes the perfect companion for the Zebras quilt, featured last month.


Remember, we include instructions for three different construction methods with all of our 2 Fabric Applique Quilt patterns:

  • Needleturn applique, by hand
  • Machine applique, using 2-sided fusible web
  • Raw-edge applique, by machine

With tighter time constraints as the holidays draw near, this would be a great quilt to fuse and machine applique, or even to do raw-edge style*. You choose the method that fits your style and time availability.


Gift idea: No time to make a quilt to give? Then give the gift that includes pride of personal accomplishment! Wrap up a pattern, Fabric Pack, and our instructional DVD "2 Fabric Applique Quilts with Nancy Lee Chong". With 35 2FAQ patterns to choose from, you are sure to find one that your friend or family member would love to make.


Giraffe Family: 24" x 36", pattern $12.00. Buy it here. 

Need fabric? Choose from any of our Fabric Packs.




* See the article "FAST! Raw-edge Applique" in our December 2011 e-Newsletter.


The perfect gift for any quilter or seamstress 

Aurifil threadWhat gift can you find that does not require a size, any color will be appreciated, and costs from as little as $4 to as much as $750?  Well, Aurifil thread - of course!


Aurifil thread is a high-quality, long-staple, Egyptian cotton thread from Italy. We carry:

  • All 216 solid colors, plus 13 variegated colors, in 50 weight/2 ply, 220 yard/ 200 meter spools ($4.00 each);
  • 6 neutral colors, 50 weight/2 ply, in the larger 1422 yard/130 meter spools ($10.50 each); and
  • 18 colors in the heavier 28 weight/2 ply, on 820 yard/750 meter spools ($10.50 each) for hand quilting.

We use 50 weight thread for hand applique, machine quilting, machine piecing, and general sewing. Its smooth finish makes it a dream to hand stitch with, and machine stitchers love that more thread fits on a bobbin and it does not lint up the innards of their machine.


Aurifil thread case
216-spool thread case

Choose just the number of spools that fits your budget! If you do not want to select the colors, Janice will do it for you. For that really special person (maybe that's you!) we have 216 spools in a handy carrying case to keep them all organized for just $750 (that is only $3.47 per spool). 


Additional options:

TIP: Put Aurifil thread at the top of your Wish List, or your Shopping List. Great to give and receive! 



Nancy's Whereabouts:


Travel and events for 2012 are all wrapped up. Below are several events in early 2013. Start making your plans now!


2013 Shows, Classes, and Events:

  • Feb 1, Hawaiian Applique class with Nancy at Pahala Quilting on the Big Island of Hawaii
  • Feb 5, Join us at Quilt Passions in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, for a day of free demonstrations.
  • Feb 7, Nancy and Janice will guest-host a bus from Pahala Quilting to the quilt shops in Volcano and Hilo, on the Big Island.
  • Feb 8, Join us at Pahala Quilting in Pahala, on the Big Island, for a day of free demonstrations.
  • Feb 11, 2FAQ class with Nancy at Quilt Passions, Kona, Hawaii
  • Mar 13-15, Nancy will be teaching at the American Quilt Society (AQS) Show in Lancaster, PA
  • Mar 24-31, Cruise and applique with Nancy from New Orleans through the Western Caribbean!
  • April 2-3, Take a Mystery Applique class from Nancy at The Applique Society retreat in Seabeck, WA.
  • April 5, Hawaiian Applique class at Quilted Strait, Port Gamble, WA
Register early for classes.  They can fill quickly, or be canceled if not enough people register in advance.


Click CALENDAR for details and contact information.


Schedule Nancy now for your show or event in 2013 and beyond. If you would like her to come to your area to teach, let your quilt shop, quilt guild, or show organizer know. Print Nancy's Brochure and pass it along. 

Thank you for spending a little of your precious time with us, we really appreciate it. Remember to send us your stories, pictures, questions, or suggestions. We love to hear from you.

A hui hou,
Until next time,

Nancy & Janice
Correction: Last month in our article about the Maui Quilt Shop, we said "mauka means mountain", when in fact, it means: towards the mountain, or inland.