Issue #26
Spring 2014 

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Welcome to the latest issue of our series of periodic updates & news blurbs concerning all things Historic (Footage, that is!).

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 What's NEW in the Archive

1930-1955 Cityscapes, Hollywood Back Plates/Driving Plates Library in HD
We are proud to offer an extraordinary library of pristine footage shot between 1930-1955 of American cities and rural landscapes. The footage was photographed as establishing shots and "back plate" shots for use in golden era Hollywood films and short subjects.

All the footage was photographed by top Hollywood cinematographers working in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans and many other urban locations. The vintage cityscapes include extended stationary shots of certain street corners, restaurants and bustling department stores. It offers an amazing "slice of life" of the times.

Slice of American Small Town Life, 1940 
Slice of American Small Town Life, 1940

Besides the cityscape footage, the library also includes hours of western movie outtake scenes (cattle stampedes, Calvary charges, stage coach chases, establishing shots of rural towns,etc.) as well as rehearsals and outtakes of musical productions. A highlight is a screen test of Rita Hayworth's LEGS!!

Western Town Stampede 
Western Town Stampede

All shot in 35mm, the pristine nitrate negatives have been expertly transferred in high definition and the collection is currently being logged and added to Historic Films online database.

For licensing inquiries please  contact our research staff
What's NEW In Production

Fats and Dave in the Studio

"The Big Beat: The Story of Fats Domino & His Band" is well underway. We are hoping to have a locked picture by the end of this Spring. This 90 minute documentary, directed by Historic Film's Joe Lauro, will trace the early years of Fats Domino and his collaborator Dave Bartholomew, showing how they changed the course of New Orleans music and Rock & Roll.

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Stock Footage Projects Of Note

Historic Films has recently made important stock footage contributions to the following productions:

        Oprah's Master Class: Justin Timberlake- Harpo Productions, Inc.        
Unsung Hollywood: Harlem Globetrotters- Unsung Productions, Inc.
Northwest Airlines Crash Segment- Al Jazeera America
Bob Weir: The Other One- Birdview Productions 
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Historic Films holds an extensive library of databased, copyright cleared and digitized stock footage from 1896-1990.

Our archive contains over 30,000 different musical performances (1925-2000), drawn from the many programs and libraries owned and represented by Historic Films. Historic Films is also a leading source for archival (1895-1990) stock shots, with over 20,000 hours of copyright cleared and fully logged material, encompassing virtually every subject imaginable.

Our stock image searchable online database, online compilation reels and informed staff will make your film research fast, painless and affordable.

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