April 22, 2016
Engaged Community                       
A Kindergarten Circus
Butler Elementary has held its Kindergarten Circus for 40 of the school's 41 years, and it still counts as The Cutest Thing On Earth. It's one of district's richest traditions, partly for its longevity. Each year at this time kindergarten students put on a performance of circus acts with lions, jugglers, elephants, clowns and seals, and each year former lions, jugglers, elephants, clowns and seals return to see the show. Some Butler Elementary kindergarteners dressed as clowns for the annual Kindergarten Circus.
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Inspired Learners                            
Slamming at Nichols    
Jamari D. had never gotten up on stage to deliver poetry in a competitive setting. Nor had he ever sat down 20 minutes before a performance and actually wrote the poem he would deliver. He did them both recently. And he walked away with the top prize in the Nichols Junior High Poetry Slam. | Nichols Junior High's Ninth Annual Poetry Slam was a big hit with nearly 30 students taking the stage for the competition.

Engaged Community                            
A Gollywhopper Good Time 
Organizers of the Martin High School Gollywhopper Games often tout this popular event as part carnival, part math exercise - which is pretty much a dead-on description. Everyone who walks into this swirl of activity finds two gymnasiums full of large-scale games, from running with a football through defenders to firing darts at balloons and watching them burst. Elementary and junior high participants are usually having so much fun they often forget there's an educational part to it. | Students had more than 30 booths to visit during the annual math-focused Gollywhopper Games at Martin High School.

Inspired Learners                            
Top Editorial Writer
Jasmine S. is known around Lamar High School as an activist masquerading as a writer. The description suits her just fine. She's quick to fire off an opinion in Lamar's Viking Scroll news source when something outrages her - whether it's Donald Trump supporters or the shallowness of Black History Month. Her work isn't just provocative, but well-written and finely crafted. In fact, when the Dallas Morning News handed out awards during its 25th annual High School Journalism Day and Competition, Jasmine found her editorial "Why Black History Sucks" tops among 45 public and private schools. | Jasmine S. won the editorial writing competition at the Dallas Morning News High School Journalism Day and Competition.
News Briefs
Parent University/Papá-paloosa pair up April 30
The final Parent University for the 2015-2016 school year will be in conjunction with the Sixth Annual Papá-paloosa event from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 30, at Swift Elementary, 1101 S. Fielder Road in Arlington.
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AISD Parent Survey Available Until April 29

The AISD is working each day to provide a great place for students to learn, for teachers to teach, for all employees to work and for parents to send their children for an excellent education. Please take a few minutes to complete a parent satisfaction survey.
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Super Saver Fun Run 1 mile and 5K May 7 at River Legacy
The AISD 3rd Annual Super Saver Fun Run (formerly the Earth Day Fun Run) benefiting the AISD Energy Management Program activity fund will be on Saturday, May 7, at River Legacy Park.
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March/April Arlington School & Family Magazine out
View the latest issue of Arlington School & Family Magazine here.
Upcoming Events
April 29: Last day to fill out an AISD Parent Survey
April 30:
Parent University/Papá-paloosa at Swift Elementary
May 5
: The Board of Trustees will meet in a regular session
May 31: Last day of school. View a revised calendar here.
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