March 24, 2016
Engaged Community                       
One for the Pets
It all began when Dunn Elementary nurse Wimberly Mills noticed a postcard about an organization that assisted pet owners with pet food. She was surprised to see that the nonprofit pet food bank called Don't Forget to Feed Me (DF2FM) makes sure pet owners with limited resources have adequate food and nutrition for pets. "Those with really tight budgets often end up feeding their cats and dogs - but not themselves," said DF2FM staffer Ken Patrick. "It's a sad situation, but true. It's like having children. Who are you going to feed first? You or your child?" Mills was inspired and turned to Dunn students to ask if they would be willing to donate pet food to give to the charity, which in turn would distribute the food in large gallon-sized bags to pet owners who have fallen on hard economic times. | Valeria J., Rachel A. and Jayden R. were a part of the winning second-grade team that donated 467 pounds of pet food to Don't Forget to Feed Me.

Inspired Learners                            
Pride in Positive Behavior    
There was a time when the response to a student scampering down the hallway at Larson Elementary was a somewhat terse "don't run." Not anymore. Running through the hallways is still frowned upon and considered a bad idea, but how teachers, staff and even other students treat the offense is quite different from last year - or even last semester. Now the response is: "walk please." The difference? One is negative. The other positive. Ever since the AISD charged campuses with implementing PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports - Larson has hit the ground, well, running. | Larson students pose by one of the new banners that hang in the school. They read pride, attitude, wise choices and safety, and they reinforce the positive behavior that is expected of students.

Engaged Community                            
Dr. Seuss at Webb  
Webb Elementary Assistant Principal Veronica Aquinaga was thrilled but hardly surprised at the turnout for the school's Academic Reading Night that filled every seat in the cafeteria. Turns out having themes to the academic nights has been a key ingredient to get parents and their students to return to school on a busy weekday evening. Last month, Super Bowl Math Night saw many students and parents enjoying playing math games with a Super Bowl theme. Turns out Dr. Seuss is a pretty big draw, too. | Webb first and second graders perform songs from "Seussical" the musical based on Dr. Seuss books during Academic Reading Night at Webb Elementary.

Inspired Learners                            
Young Cooks
When you really think about it, Ants on a Log doesn't sound all that delicious. Or digestible. Yet for those bold enough to try it, this delectable delicacy is said to be quite tasty. Since it's really just celery with raisins generously sprinkled atop creamy peanut butter. Now, where, exactly, can you get this original snack? In the Young Junior High "Healthy Bites" cookbook. | Young students Merime K. and Jadyn K. show off the Young Junior High "Healthy Bites" cookbook that was put together as a fundraiser for the campus garden.
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