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Original Ferguson Junior High staff gathered for a photo
Remembering Hutcheson and Ferguson Junior Highs

Hutcheson and Ferguson Junior Highs both closed
this month at the end of the school year. Hutcheson will consolidate with Workman Junior High and Ferguson will consolidate with Ousley Junior High next school year.


Both "Hutch" and Ferguson were well-loved and positively impacted thousands of Arlington students. Click on the links below to read articles celebrating the history and legacy of each school.


Remembering Hutch        Remembering Ferguson

The AISD facility planning and construction department is currently in the process of implementing project management software called e-Builder. The new system will help the district manage all construction projects more effectively and efficiently and help promote visibility for the community. Once e-Builder is up and running, the district will issue concise monthly progress reports on bond-related capital projects. The reports will be posted at, and a link will be included in these monthly newsletters.
Bids open for Workman Junior High addition and renovation

AISD moves technology out of Hutcheson Junior High before demolition

Ferguson Junior High holds final faculty lunch

AISD holds second planning labs for fine arts center and athletics complex

AISD Leadership

Dr. Marcelo Cavazos
   AISD Superintendent         
Jamie Sullins 
   Board President
Dr. Aaron Reich 
   Board Vice President   
John Hibbs
   Board Secretary
Kecia Mays
   Board Assistant Secretary      
Bowie Hogg
   Board Member
Kristen Hudson
   Board Member
Polly Walton
   Board Member 
School libraries pack and move
Facilities Update

As two AISD junior high schools consolidate with others, and two alternative high schools relocate, it's not just the teachers and students who have to move. The libraries need to move too.


That's not an easy task, especially for a library like Hutcheson Junior High's, which has 14,000 volumes. It's not as simple as just packing books into boxes and moving them.


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AISD to spend $1.96 million this year for music equipment
Fine Arts Update

The first batch of music capital requests from AISD teachers - to be paid for by the 2014 Bond package - has been submitted to the AISD purchasing department.


The 2014 Bond package includes $9.8 million over the course of five years for district musical capital, or $1.96 million each year. 


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High school journalism classes receive new cameras and lenses
Safety, Security and Technology Update

Each AISD high school received new cameras and lenses this year for their journalism and yearbook programs, funded by the technology section of the 2014 Bond package.


Emily Miller, the journalism teacher at Arlington High School, and her yearbook students could not be more thrilled with the new equipment.  


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New school buses arrive

Eleven new school buses have arrived in the AISD in the last few weeks, paid for by the 2014 Bond package. Nine are full size, with a capacity for 71 students, and two are small, for special education, and include lifts. 


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