May 2015 - In This Issue:
Ferguson Junior High staff who have worked at the school 
since it opened in 2001.
Why build a Career and Technical Center?

One of the largest projects in the 2014 Bond package is the Career and Technical Center (CTC). This brand new building, scheduled to open in the fall of 2017, will offer AISD students a wide array of relevant career courses in a world-class facility.


This article examines why the CTC is needed, the scope of the CTC and the progress made in designing it.


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The AISD facility planning and construction department is currently in the process of implementing project management software called e-Builder. The new system will help the district manage all construction projects more effectively and efficiently and help promote visibility for the community. Once e-Builder is up and running, the district will issue concise monthly progress reports on bond-related capital projects. The reports will be posted at, and a link will be included in these monthly newsletters.
Ferguson's final concert to feature piece composed by alumnus

Hutcheson celebrates last homecoming before it closes

Bids open for two new elementaries

Mother makes quilt out of Ferguson Orchestra t-shirts

Hutcheson Junior High in the spotlight as it prepares to close

Planning begins for districtwide athletics complex

AISD hosts community meetings about future fine arts center and athletics complex


June 4 - Board meeting
AISD Leadership

Dr. Marcelo Cavazos
   AISD Superintendent         
Bowie Hogg 
   Board President
Jamie Sullins 
   Board Vice President   
Dr. Aaron Reich
   Board Secretary
John Hibbs
   Board Assistant Secretary      
Gloria Peņa
   Board Member
Peter Baron
   Board Member
Kecia Mays
   Board Member 
Hutcheson and Ferguson Junior Highs prepare to close
Facilities Update

Hutcheson and Ferguson Junior High Schools will both close at the end of this school year, but preparations for their consolidation with Workman and Ousley Junior Highs respectively have already begun.


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Planning begins for districtwide fine arts center
Fine Arts Update

The AISD began planning for the bond-funded future districtwide fine arts center with a two-day planning lab. Led by Kerianne Wolf, an educational consultant with DeJONG-RICHTER, participants in the lab included AISD fine arts teachers, students, administrators and parents.


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AISD develops classroom technology standards
Safety, Security and Technology Update

The $82 million in the 2014 Bond package earmarked for technology encompasses many elements, but the underlying objective behind it all is to increase technology access for AISD students for the purpose of improved learning.


In pursuit of this objective, the AISD technology department is developing districtwide classroom standards - minimum standards that each classroom will possess - and spending much of the next two years to put them in place.


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AISD buys new vehicles

The AISD transportation department recently purchased five new Suburbans with funds from the 2014 Bond package. The vehicles are replacing older, high-mileage vehicles.


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