March 20, 2015

Effective Leadership                      

Congratulations, Officially       

Gloria Peņa doesn't claim to possess extrasensory perception by any means, but she saw this coming. When the Texas Association of School Administrators named the AISD Board of Trustees the 2014 Outstanding School Board, she was grateful, though not necessarily all that shocked. "We were communicating with one another well, we were moving as one, we are just steadfast in the things we wanted to do for this district," Peņa said. "When you have that, and you also have it with teachers and the administration and parents, good things like this will happen." | Board members John Hibbs, Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Peter Baron, Kecia Mays, Jamie Sullins, Dr. Aaron Reich, Gloria Peņa and Bowie Hogg as well as former board member Tony Pompa are all smiles after being officially congratulated at a local reception.

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Effective Leadership                           

Remynse Hoops: A Win-Win    

The YMCA basketball team made up of Remynse Elementary students won more games than they lost this season. But when principal Matt Brown did his end-of-year review of lessons learned, the successes with the team didn't have a whole lot to do with Ws and Ls. The team finished 6-3 but, more importantly, they learned unity, engagement, goal setting and taking ownership of their behavior. "Being connected as a team is always a good thing," said Brown. | Remynse principal Matt Brown, left, formed a basketball team with his students hoping to teach them more about life than basketball.   

Inspired Learners                             

S-U-P-E-R Spellers 

You could easily describe the AISD Area Spelling Bee as a contest resembling the waning rounds of a tense boxing match. By the time Barnett Junior High eighth grader Irfan E. outlasted challenger Chandler N. of Little Elementary for the Area 7 title, they had battled 19 rounds, going toe-to-toe for at least five of them. "I don't know if I'd seen one last this long before," said Advanced Academics Coordinator Julie Porter. "We were running out of words."Irfan E. from Barnett Junior High and Haley W. from Pope Elementary won the Area 7 and Area 8 Spelling Bee contests, respectively. Irfan spelled perturbed correctly to win, and Haley's winning word was baffling.

Inspired Learners                           

Bowie Film Takes Off   

Chimera seems to be finding a life of its own. The just-under-five-minutes film produced by Bowie High School students D'Angelo F., Andie Y. and Bryson S. not only advanced to the second round of the UIL film competition but it is also finding an audience elsewhere. Chimera, which tells the story of a young man who hears a noise in his house, goes to investigate it and is sent to a bizarre alternative reality, was screened recently during the Experience Arlington Film Festival at UT Arlington. | Bowie High School senior D'Angelo F. directed the film Chimera.

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Stetson survey for special education practices open 

The Stetson Focus Group survey for current instructional practices in special education is available until Sunday, March 22.

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AISD Parent Survey available until March 31 

The AISD is seeking parent input on how satisfied you are with your child's education. Please take approximately 10 minutes to complete the parent satisfaction survey by March 31. 

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