March 6, 2015

Effective Leadership                      

Anderson Celebrates      

While talking to a student during one of her substitute teaching stints a while back, former teacher and Anderson Elementary namesake Beth Anderson noticed out of the corner of her eye a kindergartener waiting patiently for her to finish. He had quite a concerned look on his face. When Anderson finished talking and turned to the young student, he asked, in serious deadpan, "Did you stay in the bathtub too long?" | Beth Anderson, namesake for Anderson Elementary, enjoyed a big celebration with students for her 90th birthday.

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Inspired Learners                          

Crafty Coasters at Wimbish    

Wimbish Elementary kindergartener Josiah B. went on his first roller coaster over the summer. Last month, he tried to build one. Josiah constructed a coaster with curves, loop-de-loops and downhill slides. He had help, of course, courtesy of his dad, Joseph, who helped him design it, cut up manila folders, tape together the pieces and place a marble on top to see if it worked. "You don't know how hard this can be until you actually do it," Joseph said. "But even if it doesn't work, it's more fun than I thought it would be." | Joseph B. and son Josiah, a kindergartener at Wimbish Elementary, had fun building a roller coaster out of paper.   

Inspired Learners                             

Accelerating Careers - Now 

By the end of the Career and Technical Education student course fair and parent information night, Natalie C. was vocally exhausted. She'd been talking non-stop with students wanting to know more about biomedical science. The Martin senior remembers when she had no idea what biomedical science was, so she took her time explaining what health science in the AISD is all about. Natalie told parents and prospective students alike that anyone who enters the program can go a variety of ways, from learning to be a pharmacy technician to starting a career in direct patient care. "Lots of options with this," Natalie said. "You can also do things like medical research and health management. It's a really good place to be job-wise." | Martin High School's Natalie C. takes her time to inform prospective health science students about the career opportunities in that field.  

Engaged Community                          

Giving Back on the Go  

Saif Ahmed had all his ducks in a nice and tidy row at the beginning of his junior year at Seguin High School. Hovering inside the top 10 percent of his class, he had strong teacher recommendations and interest from the top aerospace and aviation university, Embry-Riddle, where he planned to lay the groundwork for his career as a commercial pilot. Then his mother got sick. Real sick. It was cancer. She lost her job. Finances were tight. The bank was threatening to foreclose on their home. Even without the money troubles, said Ahmed, "there was no way I was going away to Florida or anywhere else and come back after a few months in school." | Saif Ahmed gives back to Arlington ISD students by helping them find their college path at a local Go Center.

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The AISD is seeking parent input on how satisfied you are with your child's education. Please take approximately 10 minutes to complete the parent satisfaction survey by March 31. 

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