November 13, 2014

Inspired Learners                     

Larson's MasterChef Junior 

You might say that cooking is in Jessica S.'s blood. Jessica's mother, who was taught by her mother, who learned everything from her mother, taught Jessica. Then there's her dad's mom who started Granny's Tacos in Northeast Fort Worth. Those are big shoes to fill along the family culinary chain, but Jessica, a sixth grader at Larson Elementary, has found a way to do something her matriarchal predecessors had not done: Take her cooking talents to national television. Jessica S. (center) watches the Season 2 premiere of MasterChef Junior with friends and family, including Karmen R. and mom Anna.

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Engaged Community                         

Disney World bound        

When the letter arrived telling Sarah D. that she had been chosen to attend Kidd's Kids annual trip to Walt Disney World, mom J. Robin couldn't contain herself. Sarah, who is 12 and a student in Nichols Junior High's alternative curriculum program due to her genetic metabolic disorder, had tried six times before to be chosen for the trip with no luck. Now, in the last year she could qualify due to her age, Sarah had an official invitation in hand. And, even better, she'll be joined on the trip by fellow Arlington ISD students Amelia R. from Amos Elementary, Jonathan S. from Key Elementary and Jaidyn W. from Swift Elementary. | Sarah D. is excited when she learns from her mom Robin that she is going on the Kidd's Kids trip to Walt Disney World this year.

Inspired Learners                         

AISD's First Firefighters       

When you've wanted to do something most of your life and there it is right in front of you, the moment can feel a bit overwhelming. "I don't even know if I can put it in words, actually," said Joshua Berkley. Berkley is a Martin High School graduate who was part of the pilot Arlington Fire Academy program a few years back to introduce high school students to the world of fire fighting. In partnership with the Arlington Fire Department, selected juniors are part of a two-year curriculum that covers the parameters of firefighting and being an emergency medical technician. Those who make it through will take the Texas Commission on Fire Protection certification exam and the State Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification exam, and they can apply for jobs with the AFD. | Former Martin High School student Joshua Berkley receives his Arlington Fire Department badge at Arlington City Hall.

Engaged Community                          

School - for Parents       

Jennifer Wilson went to the most recent AISD Parent University at Bowie High School with a two-prong mission: help her child and help her students. Wilson has a child at Sam Houston High School and is a teacher in a HEB-area school. As she jumped from workshop to workshop, Wilson made choices that would benefit work at home and work at work. "There are quite a few resources I didn't know were available," Wilson said. "These are resources I can certainly use for my kids but also for my students. It's all interconnected." Indeed, Wilson represents both ends of the Parent University objective. | AISD parent Teresa Hurd receives help during a computer database class from Crouch Elementary librarian Andrea Brown.
News Briefs
AISD named 2014 National AP Honor Roll District
The Arlington ISD, which continues to offer its students leading-edge learning experiences, has been named a 2014 National AP Honor Roll district for increasing access to Advanced Placement coursework while simultaneously maintaining or increasing the percentage of students earning scores of 3 or higher on AP Exams.
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Paid prekindergarten 4 openings available
The Arlington ISD is piloting a paid prekindergarten 4 program for students who do not currently qualify for the state-funded prekindergarten program. This program is available on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows.
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November 20: The Board of Trustees will meet in a regular session beginning at 7 p.m.
November 26-28: All students and staff are off. All facilities are closed.
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