December 19, 2013

Engaged Community             

AISD Gives Back          

When the Arlington School Nurses' Association volunteered last Saturday at Mission Arlington, they showed up knowing little about what kind of work awaited them. It didn't matter, of course. The association that is made up of AISD nurses gathers each year to give back to the community where their students reside. What they do is of little concern. Still, it was with a sense of irony, and glee, that Mission Arlington Executive Director Tillie Burgin asked the group to clean and organize the medical clinic. "How perfect," was the sentiment.

| Young Junior High nurse Jeannene Young helps clean the medical clinic at Mission Arlington as a part of the Arlington School Nurses' Association's annual day of volunteering.

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Effective Leadership                  

Celebrating with the Mayor 

You couldn't walk through Butler Elementary Wednesday without bumping into students belting out Christmas Carols or putting up decorations or jiggling to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Welcome to Butler's annual Winter Party, a school-wide gathering celebrating the upcoming holidays, where nearly every inch of the school is taken up by some sort of activity by students, teachers and even parents, all with their camera phones at the ready. | Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck reads to third graders at Butler Elementary during their Winter Party.
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Engaged Community                 

Mentoring Little Texans        

Inside the Remynse Elementary library, Ellen Ravkind is showing third grader Jercore B. how to make snowflakes out of paper. It is a simple, short-term activity even though what Ravkind is doing will have long-term effects. She's a volunteer at the school and a mentor to Jercore, who was handpicked for the Remynse Little Texan Mentor Program. | Third grader Jercore B. and mentor Ellen Ravkind show off what they made during their mentor social at Remynse Elementary.

Inspired Learners             

Stars and Strategies       

It seems simple enough: read a paragraph, circle the main idea; read another, circle. By the end of the reading assignment, answers to the questions are right there - circled.

Yet this strategy used to help students struggling with comprehension is often an acquired taste for seventh and eighth graders who, as Shackelford Junior High English teacher Ana Garland put it, "just want to read the story and answer the questions." | Shackelford English teacher Ana Garland works with seventh grader Treye L. at Science Night and Reading Under the Stars. 

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Inspired Learners              

The Artist Honored      

As early as second grade, Allison C. was known as "the artist," the one who had a way with a pencil and pad, showing an acute ability to draw pretty much anything. So good was Allison that she was asked - begged, actually - by her classmates to draw what they could not. She would oblige, of course, because "I just loved it," she said. | Martin High School Senior Allison C. has artwork that was recently chosen to tour with the 2013-2014 AP Studio Art Exhibit.

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Parent University Scheduled
to Begin in February
Arlington ISD Parent University is an educational opportunity for the parents/guardians of AISD students to discover skills to support their children in school.
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Financial Futures Committee Applications Being Accepted
The Board of Trustees is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Financial Futures Committee. Since its inception in 1992, the Financial Futures Committee (previously named the Citizens Budget Review Committee) has provided the AISD Board of Trustees with valuable input from the community through insight into the community's expectations. The Board believes the function of the committee is vital to the Board, AISD administration and taxpayers.
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